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A large portion of Manitou Springs could be affected by a water main break - Energy And Water Development Corp

A large portion of Manitou Springs could be affected by a water main break

Manitou Springs, Colo. (KRDO)– According to the City of Manitou Springs, early Thursday morning, the city realized they had a water main break. City officials said a part of the water line was hit during roadway grading. Emergency public works crews are responding to the water main break and are trying to repair it. Crews have located the water main break but are working to consolidate the repair. While that’s happening, a large portion of Manitou Springs could be affected by this water main break, depending on water consumption in the city.

According to the public information officer, Alex Trefry, the city is calling on all residents and business owners to work together to try to utilize as little water as possible in order for the city to not lose access to water. Trefry said they don’t know how long this will go on. He said emergency crews need to consolidate the repair in order to make a good estimated time of completion.

Trefry said this will impact residents living in Manitou Springs but is not sure how many at this point.

“It just depends on how the situation is addressed with our water consumption. We are hoping as little as possible, but there are 2200 households in Manitou Springs, and that’s not to say they will all be affected…it’s just hard to say which ones were,” said Trefry.

He urges all residents and business owners to only use the water if it’s absolutely necessary because if they don’t, it will put areas of Manitous Springs at risk of losing their water supply.

Trefry said the water system is a pressurized system. He said the homes that are located in higher elevations would be the first to lose their water, but he’s hoping residents and business owners work together to make sure this does not happen.

Trefry said they have another water system, a Crystal Hills tank, which is not affected by this, but he said it can’t support the whole city.

“It’s best that if you are looking to keep your water for as long as possible, so please use as little of it as possible,” said Trefry.

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