An Immediate Drought Solution For Mendocino, CA

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How the Tsunami 500 Works

How air-to-water technology works

How air-to-water technology works

Water shortage sign

Water shortage sign

GoSun – Tsunami Demonstrate Air-To-Water Technology aimed to help Californian town

It is clear that Mendocino needs urgent infrastructure help, and it seems that air to water machines are one of the only solutions that can provide an immediate solution to providing water”

— Patrick Sherwin

MENDOCINO, CA, USA, August 10, 2021 / — Mendocino, CA is suffering from the worst water crisis the picturesque, tourist-favorite town has ever seen. Severe drought, likely driven by climate change, has dried up the water supply in the northern-Californian village with over 150 years of history, and it’s caught the world’s attention.

Up to 100 wells of the 420 that supply the community of 1,000 may have gone dry. Additionally, local cities in the area are now refusing to sell water to truckers who haul to Mendocino. This is causing businesses to pay higher prices for water from farther away, or take more drastic actions such as closing restrooms, and even closing their doors. Not just a blow to businesses, also to the one million visitors a year that make the trip to enjoy the scenic beaches and historic architecture.

However, two innovative, alternative energy companies have a way out.

Unlike other water solutions being considered that take copious time and major funds to bring to life, energy experts, GoSun®, and atmospheric water extractors, Tsunami®, have an ingenious water-generating technology that can be part of the answer immediately. By extracting moisture found in the air, each modular Tsunami 500 Machine, can produce up to 200 gallons of fresh water per day, while industrial-sized systems can produce up to 2,000 gallons per day.

Patrick Sherwin, GoSun’s CEO states: “It is clear that Mendocino needs urgent infrastructure help, and it seems that air to water machines are one of the only solutions that can provide an immediate solution to providing water”.

How it Works

Atmospheric Water Generators (AWGs) extract water from humidity in the air and work best in a climate that has high humidity, such as Mendocino, a town known for its dense morning fog. Moist, ambient air is pulled into the Tsunami unit by fans, then a multi-layer air filter removes dust, pollen, and other airborne particles. Next, the air is drawn through a series of condensing coils, where water vapor is cooled down sufficiently to reach the dew point. This converts water vapor into droplets that are caught in a storage vessel.

GoSun is focused on helping people thrive by making accessible products that meet essential needs like cooking, cooling, and water purification. In 2020, during the peak of the COVID pandemic, GoSun launched a water purification and sanitation system, the GoSun Flow, to help address increased personal hygiene and off-grid needs.

CES awarded GoSun with it’s Climate Change Innovation Award in 2019 and an Innovation award for its Solar Water Purifier in 2021. Now, in an effort to bring water to those in need, GoSun has partnered with the Tsunami patented process which enhances water extraction, allowing the Tsunami units to achieve greater energy efficiency over any other AWG.

Supporting non-profits around the world, GoSun is also supporting a GoFundMe campaign to help the Village of Mendocino. Although a longer term government supported infrastructure is desperately needed, this Water Fund will provide urgently needed water to help Mendocino businesses, tourists and residents immediately. The campaign reads, “2,000 people a day come to visit scenic, peaceful Mendocino, and due to the drought, wells are going dry. Just $1 a visitor will make a BIG difference to help Save Mendocino! If you love Mendocino please help!”

To donate or view the campaign, go to:


About GoSun

Founded in 2016, GoSun has become the first consumer solar appliance manufacturer to break into mainstream markets centered around enjoying power, food, and drink while outdoors. GoSun’s breakthrough solar-powered technologies can cook, cool, light, power your electronics and now, purify and deliver water. Based in Cincinnati, Ohio, GoSun has established partnerships with companies and organizations including REI, Home Depot, Trees for the Future, the UN, and various NGOs. Visit for more information.

With innovation at its core, in 2018 GoSun launched the first hybrid solar and electric oven, the Fusion through Kickstarter allowing customers to cook at night. In 2020, the company launched a solar-powered water filter and sanitation system, the GoSun Flow, and through Indiegogo introduced the Chillest, a solar powered portable refrigerator and freezer that eliminates ice and can be completely powered by the Sun. Now with their strategic relationship with Tsunami look to offer customers a true air to water system that can meet all their water needs.

About Tsunami

Tsunami Products is a Washington State based company that designs, and builds atmospheric machines that extract water from humidity in the air. Visit for more information.

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