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bond act boat launch

Overwhelmingly approved by voters last fall, the $4.2 billion Clean Water, Clean Air, and Green Jobs Environmental Bond Act prioritizes investments in environmental justice, climate change mitigation, shoreline restoration, flood resilience, water quality, open space conservation, recreational resources, and green jobs. This spring and summer, the public and potential funding applicants will be able to learn more about the Bond Act at a series of educational listening sessions. Sessions have been announced across the state – use the links below to register:

Sessions will feature a presentation on the Bond Act and an opportunity for one-on-one discussion with State experts. Meetings will be open to the public.

State agencies, local governments, and partners will be able to access Environmental Bond Act funding over a multi-year process. Recognizing that vulnerable populations are disproportionately affected by negative environmental and climate change impacts, at least 35%, with a goal of 40%, of Bond Act benefits will be directed toward disadvantaged communities.

Photo: The boat launch at Moffitt Beach Campground on July 21, 2022 in Lake Pleasant. The campground received funding for this boat launch in the Clean Air/Clean Water 1996 Environmental Bond Act. Photo by Gwendolyn Craig

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