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Baba Vanga Predicted Alien Attack, New Virus, and More for 2022; Know About All the Predictions - Energy And Water Development Corp

Baba Vanga Predicted Alien Attack, New Virus, and More for 2022; Know About All the Predictions

Psychic Baba Vanga has predicted that 2022 is going to be worse than everyone has expected.

She is famously known for her power of predicting the future and her predictions ultimately turned out to be true. Now, as per her predictions of 2022, this year is quite a threat for mankind.  

She may have died in 1996 but due to her unique power of foreseeing the future, people still believe her. It was psychic Baba Vanga who hinted about ISIS, the horrendous 9/11 attacks of the twin towers, and also reported prophecies up till the year 5079.

She started having visions after she lost her eyesight at a very tender age. Her predictions have an 85% success rate as per the studies claims and she has already unveiled some truths about 2022. 

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2022 Predictions of Baba Vanga

Water Crisis Is a Critical Issue

One of the major problems she has alerted about is the water crisis. Since the pollution level is rising, people will face scarcity of water.

This shortage of drinking water will also raise concerns among researchers. They will try to find new ways and sources to obtain fresh water. 

Massive Tsunami in Asian Countries

Tsunamis aren’t uncommon in Asian countries. Even the 2004 tsunami that had taken the lives of numerous individuals and wrecked the geography of the place was foreseen by Baba Vanga.

For the 2022 Tsunami, she has warned that many Asian countries have to suffer. Besides, Australia is also in danger as there could be some major floods. So, a lot of deaths will happen due to these. 

Baba Vanga 2022 predictions
Baba Vanga 2022 predictions

Alien Invasion Is Possible

Yes, there are predictions that 2022 could be the year when aliens invade our home Earth. Baba Vanga claimed that it will all start when aliens will send an asteroid named ‘Oumuamua’.

It must be noted that back in 2017 scientists identified Oumuamua as the first known interstellar object making its way through the solar system. Uncanny right?  

One interesting fact that she shared is that our civilization will know the ways to live underwater by 2130 and aliens will help us in doing so. So, can our future generations see an underwater civilization? 

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Predictions for India 

The temperature has always been an issue in India and it’s said that there will be a huge rise in the temperature. People may have to live in temperatures as high as 50-degrees C. There are chances of famine as well because locust attacks are also coming in 2022. 

More New Viruses? 

The world is already struggling due to the impacts of Covid-19. This scenario has been going on for the past two years.

Apart from the threats of covid, Baba Vanga warned about another lethal virus that will originate in Siberia that is frozen till now. This is something that can shake the people of the world in 2022.  

Fantasy Vs Reality

We know that the people of the world are addicted to gadgets. So, it has been said that people will be starting to spend a huge lot of time on their gadgets (namely phones, laptops, VR, etc) and the screen time will witness a massive hike.

Soon people will fail to differentiate between what’s fantasy and what’s reality. 

Now that we are already in 2022, only time can tell about the future of the world. However, it’s pretty surprising that someone who is visually impaired can see so much into the future.

Baba Vanga also knew about the future of gadgets that didn’t have any existence before 1996. It can be said that her powers did predict a lot of real-life events and no one can explain how she did it.

But for now, will there be an alien invasion in 2022?

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