Bay Area Residents Welcome Rain Amid Drought – NBC Bay Area

Sunday evening’s rain in the Bay Area was a welcomed relief from what has been a very dry year.

The region’s reservoirs are in desperate need of more rain.

Marin County saw rain for about three hours. While it wasn’t a hard rain but it was certainly a welcomed sight for residents.

“Some woman just walked into the bathroom there with just bright eyes saying, ‘i’m so excited it’s raining,” said San Rafael resident

In Marin County, the local water district has imposed water conservation efforts since earlier this summer.

But the withering reservoirs in the Mount Tamalpais water shed, where most of the county’s drinking water comes from has been one of the biggest motivators for residents to be wiser with their water use.

While Sunday’s rain will help but hydrology experts said it’s unfortunately just a drop in the bucket as the region has been seeing the annual percentage of rain continue to fall.

Sunday night’s wet weather has caused multiple power outages in the Bay Area, including reports of power being out in Vallejo, the Richmond-San Pablo area, and an outage affecting more than 5,000 customers in the Pleasanton area.

That’s an amount that’s going in the wrong direction.

“We’d have to have about 50 percent more rain than what we’ve got – and then if we had that for five or six years in a row,” said Dr. Peter Geissler, Hydrology Expert.

Geissler says most of the rain that does fall drains into the ocean and the bay.

He said capturing about half of that runoff would put the region in a better position to deal with climate change and decreasing annual rains.

In the meantime, Bay Area leaders are continuing to ask residents to conserve as much water as possible and continue hoping for more rain.

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