Bengaluru water supply board awards sewerage treatment contract to Toshiba Water

Warning citizens of Bengaluru about water scarcity and asking them to use Cauvery water only for drinking and domestic purposes, the Bangalore Water Supply and Sewerage Board (BWSSB) is once again looking into sewerage water treatment. BWSSB has awarded Toshiba Water the design, upgradation, rehabilitation, and operation and maintenance (O&M) services of three sewage treatment plants (STPs) and the upgradation and rehabilitation of five STPs.

The contract entails the upgradation, rehabilitation of and O&M services for the Kadubeesanahalli STP, Mylasandra STP, and Doddabele STP. Toshiba Water will commence plant construction and O&M services in sequence.

The Kadubeesanahalli STP, which has a capacity of 50,000 m³ per day, will be converted from Extended Aeration system to Anaerobic Tank, Anoxic and Aeration tank system (A2O Process Technology) with Tertiary Filtration and four-year O&M services following the commissioning of the plant. This is a biological treatment process that continuously applies many different microorganisms: Anaerobic and Aerobic microorganisms to treat waste. Under the effect of decomposing pollutants by microorganisms, the pollutants are treated before being discharged into the environment.—

The existing plant will be operated and maintained during the upgradation process. The construction will take two years and is expected to be completed by February 2025. And the operational and maintenance services will start in March 2023 (two years during construction and four years thereafter).

The Mylasandra Sewage Treatment Plant will also be converted from an Extended Aeration system to A2O Process Technology with Tertiary Filtration and O&M services following the commissioning of the plant, whose purpose is to remove nitrogen and phosphorus from wastewater. The capacity will increase from 75,000 m³ per day to 100,000 m³ per day. The construction period will be of two years starting March 2023 and the operation and maintenance will be till March 2025. The Doddabele Sewage Treatment Plant’s capacity will increase from 20,000 m³ per day to 35,000 m³ per day; and operation and maintenance will be applicable til March 2025.

Upgradation and rehabilitation will be carried out on Yallamallappachetty Sewage Treatment Plant (15,000 m³ per day), Ulsoor Sewage Treatment Plant (20,000 m³ per day), Bellanduru STP Sewage Treatment Plant (90,000 m³ per day), Nagasandra Sewage Treatment Plant  (20,000 m³ per day) and Rajacanal Sewage Treatment Plant (40,000 m³ per day)

In the past, Toshiba water has received contract for TK Halli Water Treatment Plant in 2020. Hiroaki Kobayashi, Chairperson and Managing Director, Toshiba Water said, “After receiving the contract for TK Halli Water Treatment Plant in 2020, these are our second set of contracts with BWSSB. By leveraging our water treatment solutions and technologies cultivated through years of development and extensive experience in overseas EPC and O&M projects, Toshiba Water is committed to contribute to sustainable water recycling systems in India, to turn on the promise of a new day.”

Toshiba Water engages in Engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) and O&M businesses for public water supply, sewage, and industrial water treatment facilities around the world, including in India, Southeast Asia, West Asia, Middle East, and North and Central America.

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