Benton Township planning capacity expansion for water plant


Benton Township is building a couple of new water towers as it seeks to increase the capacity of its water treatment plant.

At a meeting this week, township trustees authorized the purchase of two acres of property near Euclid Avenue and Empire from Lake Michigan College for one of the towers. Steve Oosting with civil engineering firm Paine and Newhoff laid out the planning costs.

“One proposal is for the two elevated tanks,” Oosting said. “We put those together in one package because they’re very similar in terms of the scope of the engineering work. So, it’s one proposal for the two elevated tanks. Those services, as was noted, are not to exceed $326,000. And then the other proposal for the water treatment plant capacity expansion, the design engineering services, are not to exceed $155,000.”

Oosting told us the township is building a 1-million-gallon tank on the Euclid site and a 500,000-gallon tank on a Zoschke Road site. It’s all to ensure the township’s water system continues to meet the demand created by new users.

The land purchase from Lake Michigan College was for $25,000.

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