Bethora villagers endure month-long water crisis, urge PWD to act

17 Nov 2023  |   06:13am IST

Bethora villagers endure month-long water crisis, urge PWD to act

Locals expressed their uncertainty about the exact reason for the water shortage and criticised PWD officials for failing to supply tanker water or provide a clear explanation for the taps running dry
Bethora villagers endure month-long water crisis, urge PWD to act

Team Herald

PONDA: Around forty families residing in Kasarwada-Dattagarh-Bethora are grappling with an acute water crisis that has persisted for over a month-and-a-half. The locals, including housewives, are facing tremendous hardship due to the scarcity, resorting to various measures like fetching water from distant places on scooters and relying on local nullahs and springs.

Despite making multiple trips to seek a resolution, the residents claim that their water supply issue remains unaddressed. The bore wells provided by the government are insufficient to meet their water requirements, leaving them worried about their survival.

Residents stated that they are uncertain about the exact reason for the water shortage, and PWD officials have failed to supply water while providing unclear explanations for the taps running dry. In the past, water was supplied regularly, and even during dry spells, tanker water was provided. However, for the last one-and-a-half months, there has been no water supply, and tanker deliveries have also been halted, forcing residents to explore various avenues to access water.

The villagers, who have been staying in the locality for the past two decades, have visited the PWD water supply office multiple times, where they were informed about water shortages due to power failures. Additionally, they were asked to provide land for the construction of a water tank. However, the residents emphasised that they do not own land and called on the government to address the issue independently.

In response to the crisis, PWD water supply officials mentioned that they have inspected the area and are working to find a solution. 

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