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The Egyptian cookbook for the visually impaired

This is a cookbook for the visually impairedLocation: Giza, EgyptEman el-Husseini wrote the book in BrailleThe recipes require the use of only four human senses:touch, smell, hearing, and taste(SOUNDBITE) (Arabic) AUTHOR OF “GOWA EL7ALLA” COOKBOOK, EMAN EL-HUSSEINI, SAYING:”So for example, when the water is boiling, we don’t say, ‘Look at the water until it boils.’ Instead, we tell them that they will hear bubbles in the water. So we substitute all functions related to sight with touch, smell, and hearing for the visually impaired.”El-Husseini launched the book a year agobut has only printed a handful of copies so farShe hopes to partner with a publishing houseto make the book more accessible for the wider population(SOUNDBITE) (Arabic) VISUALLY IMPAIRED WOMAN, REEM ABDELKAREEM, SAYING:”Things that help me include the element of safety in the kitchen. I used to face a lot of problems before. People around me would tell me not to enter the kitchen, enter it less, or asked to accompany me. The book, however, provided me with elements of safety from the beginning, it is helping me stand on my own and be independent in the kitchen. That’s something I really liked about the book. It also helped me find easy and quick recipes that don’t require a lot of effort and don’t need me to stand by the stove a lot.”

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