Colombia rescues animals from black market

Nearly 100 animals were rescued from Colombia’s black market

including a puma

white-faced capuchins

and Arrau turtles

(SOUNDBITE) (Spanish) VETERINARIAN, ALVARO ENRIQUE CAMACHO, SAYING:”There are 90 Arrau turtles. This is a very important endeavor because this is an animal at risk of extinction. Thanks to this mission of the Colombian armed forces we can reintroduce them into the environment, so as to conserve their population.”

The country’s armed forces were called in to help

with transporting the animals to their new home

in the remote Primavera natural reserve

(SOUNDBITE) (Spanish) COLONEL LUIS MIGUEL DIAZ SAYING:”We transported Arrau turtles, a puma and we freed them in the San Jorge hacienda in the Vichada department. It’s a private reserve where private investment has allowed for the preservation of these species for future generations.”

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