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Cultivating good habits is the surest road to success, JDR says - Energy And Water Development Corp

Cultivating good habits is the surest road to success, JDR says

Cultivating good habits and ensuring that they stick with one through their life’s journey appears to be one of the keys to living a successful life.

Strengthened by his passion and drive to see young people succeed, budding basketball player, Jonathan Daniel Ross, popularly known as JDR, has laid emphasis on the need to cultivate good habits as young people in order to have a smooth sail while on their journey to success.

According to him, being successful doesn’t just have to do with the amount of money amassed, or the fleet of cars and houses in one’s possession, but it also has to do with the kind of habits being built and this fueled his decision to join a modelling company, Habits365.

“I’m passionate about the growth of young people, I need them to understand that in order to be successful in life, you have to watch out for the kind of habits that you build as you grow, it lies in your ability to be intentional about the habits you cultivate; they are what determines your chance at success in life,” he said.

Ross speaking further has admonished young people that the only way to better their lives is to make the right choices and watch their habits as they are what shape a bright future.

The young star who graduated from Energy Institute High School, Texas and received eight basketball college scholarships to the University of Valley Forge, Feltrim Academy, Texas Wesleyan, Ottawa University, Penn State Greater Allegheny, NorthArk college, Champions College, and Grays Harbor College is presently focused on using his influence as Model Brand Ambassador of HABITS 365, to positively impact kids by teaching them the values of maintaining healthy habits and encouraging them to stay away from drugs and gangs.

“I’m currently investing my time and energy in educating the young ones to make better choices, take decisions that will help them achieve great success. I believe that with my little contribution to making the world a better place, we have fewer kids on the streets and more in classrooms and offices making the change that is much needed,” he added.


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