Drinking water shortage hits Srinagar areas

Amid heat wave, several areas of the summer capital are facing acute shortage of drinking water.

Many places in Old City are facing severe water scarcity from the past several days.

Inhabitants of various city areas complained of water scarcity. The areas facing water shortage include Habba Kadal, Soura, Anchar, Elahi Bagh, Gulab Bagh, Nowshera, Lal Bazar, Alasteng, Shuhama, Habak, Zukra, Batpora, Hazratbal, Saderbal, Saida Kadal, Kashmir University, National Institute of Technology (NIT), and more.

“As our taps are running dry, we are forced to purchase packaged water for drinking. We had apprised the PHE authorities about the issue but no action has been taken. We urge Chief Engineer PHE to look into the matter and ensure a consistent water supply to our area at earliest,” they said.

Meanwhile, residents of Arbal, Shalimar also complained of acute shortage of drinking water.

Wazeera Banoo, a local of Saida Kadal said that people in the area have to fetch water from far off places. “Our taps are running dry. We are left with no choice but to walk big distances in this harsh summer to fetch drinking water,” she said.

Begum added women of the area face countless problems.

Another local Nasreena Jan, a resident of Elahi Bagh Soura said severe shortage of drinking water during peak of Summer season has left them aghast.

“Often we consume polluted water for other purposes, due to which diseases have increased in the area,” she said.

People also lamented, despite they have made repeated pleas to the authorities but “things remained unchanged on the ground.”

“We knocked doors of PHE department. They assured to resolve the problem soon but nothing happened,” they said.

Adding although officials assured special water tankers for the areas but authorities rarely visit these areas.

“How can one tanker of water be sufficient for seven hundred households,” locals questioned.

They now demand concerned authorities for speedy restoration of the work so that they will not suffer any more.

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