Welcomes Another State of the Art Technology to Join the BlueTech Alliance for Water Generation


Energy and Water Development Corp.Wed, February 17, 2021, 8:00 AM·4 min read

Solar Powered Atmosphere Water Generation System (eAWG)
Solar Powered Atmosphere Water Generation System (eAWG)

Florida, Feb. 17, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — via NewMediaWire — Energy And Water Development Corp (OTCQB: EAWD) and Nerve Smart Systems (NSS), a producer of battery electrical energy storage and engineering service provider for energy management, have signed a comprehensive agreement of collaboration for production of self-sufficient powered water and energy generation systems (eAWGs).

As around 42% of global final electricity demand is from industry, and 22% is from the commercial and public services sector, economic activity and electricity consumption are closely connected. The world average price is 0.14 U.S. Dollar per kWh for households and 0.12 U.S. Dollar per kWh for businesses. Therefore, implementing energy efficiency measures at water sector systems can significantly reduce operating costs, Mr. Ralph Hofmeier – CEO of EAWD stated. The energy storage & management process is key in the performance and sustainability of the Self-Sufficient Powered Atmosphere Water Generation Systems (eAWGs); EAWD is making the Drops-to-Watts Connection ensuring that our water generation systems (eAWGs) are cost effective with the integration of a competitive procurement and strategical energy management systems; partners like Nerve Smart Systems help us to demonstrate that electricity produced from fossil fuels are not the only ways to power up atmosphere water generation, Mr. Hofmeier concluded.

Nerve Smart Systems have developed a patent pending next-gen Battery Management System (BMS) that allows for management and active control of each individual battery cell in battery energy storage systems (BESS). BESS systems operated by Nerve Smart Systems’ BMS and Energy Management system can enable a cost reduction of up to 30% since expensive high-power electronics becomes redundant. Furthermore, NSS systems operate with close to 50% less energy losses than conventional systems, all improving the performance and efficiency of the eAWG.

With the Blue Tech Alliance, Nerve Smart Systems starts to transfer its technology to a variety of applications, now including the Self-Sufficient Energy Powered Atmosphere Water Generation Systems (eAWG), as well as this new development of building-attached eAWG, Mr. Jesper Boie Rasmussen, Founder and CEO of Nerve Smart Systems, stated. With the establishment of the Blue Tech Alliance with EAWD, we extend our BESS products in the segment of infrastructure technology, engineering and services for projects; we are looking forward to being part of EAWD’s project of transforming renewable energy into water and seeing the first serial products to be built in Hamburg, Jesper Boie Rasmussen concluded.

About Energy and Water Development (OTCQB: EAWD).

Energy and Water Development Corporation is a green-tech engineering solution company focused on delivering water and energy to extreme environments. The Company offers design, construction, maintenance, and specialty consulting services to private companies, government entities and non-government organizations (NGOs). EAWD builds water and energy systems out of already-existing, proven technologies, utilizing their technical know-how to customize solutions to their clients’ needs. The Company’s website is: www.eawctechnologies.com

About Nerve Smart Systems

Nerve Smart Systems is a Danish technology development company, developing and promoting disruptive battery systems based on the Nerve Switch® technology, improving system performance in battery energy storage systems across a wide variety of applications.

The Nerve Switch® Battery control system enables activation and bypassing on an individual battery cell level. The technology reduces hardware costs, secures higher battery system efficiency, safety and prolongs battery system lifetime.

In short, Nerve Smart Systems will change the way electricity is embraced and stored.

For more details, visit: https://nervesmartsystems.com/.

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