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Ethiopia: Drought Update No. 2, March 2022 - Ethiopia - Energy And Water Development Corp

Ethiopia: Drought Update No. 2, March 2022 – Ethiopia

Ethiopia is experiencing a prolonged drought following three consecutive failed rainy seasons since late 2020 affecting 6.8 million people living in Oromia, SNNP, Southwest and Somali. This update provides an overview of the drought situation in the country including the current needs and ongoing response as well as funding requirements and allocations as per information received. It complements the previous drought update available here. This update provides a snapshot of available information as it continues to be collected from the different drought-affected areas and the response is being scaled up. The map presents the drought affected areas and will be augmented with areas of concerns in subsequent updates to support early action. This update will be attached to a specific drought response plan currently under development, as an integral part of the Humanitarian Response Plan for Ethiopia in 2022 to be released in a few weeks. The funding reported includes new funding committed to the drought response as well as funding reprogrammed to support this emergency response. Additional funding to support the response is urgently needed across sectors over the next few months to respond to increasing needs.




• Safeguard 360,000 core breeding animals belonging to 180,000 households in the affected regions.¹

• Treat 4.5 million heads of livestock in the affected regions.¹

• Vaccinate 6 million cattle and 10.5 million small ruminants belonging to 435,000 households in the affected areas.¹

• Rehabilitate at least 70 water points to benefit 600,000 head of livestock and 30,000 households.¹

• Support the production of 30,000 tons of fodder by 4,000 households, enough to feed about 60,000 cattle and 200,000 small ruminants for 90 days.¹

• Support emergency slaughter destocking of 52,000 animals to benefit 26,000 households from salvage sale and 44,000 households from meat distribution.

• Support for urgent uplifting of weak livestock (430,000 in Oromia, number being confirmed for Somali).


• About 3,000 pastoralist households are receiving cash transfers, and 16,000 receiving early warning messages to help manage the drought in Somali region.

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