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First phase approved in Limestone water project | News, Sports, Jobs - Energy And Water Development Corp

First phase approved in Limestone water project | News, Sports, Jobs

RASHELLE CAREY/Sun-Gazette the Lycoming County Water and Sewer Authority opened its new administrative office building on Old Cement Road Sunday afternoon, dedicating it to James F. Reeder. the back of the building with garage bays for company vehicles.

In order to move forward by late winter or early spring on the Pine Woods/Schoolhouse Road project in Limestone Township, the Lycoming County Water and Sewer Authority board approved the materials and easement authorization needed for the first phase.

Although the authority typically doesn’t piecemeal projects, according to Christine Weigle, executive director, the lead time for the materials needed to begin work has increased from 8 to 12 weeks to up to 14 weeks.

(In) the industry right now pipe material and pipe supply is extremely volatile and pricing and lead time,” Weigle said.

“We would like to place the material on order so that we are in queue, and when we get the material, we’d be ready to start,” she said.

The cost of the materials had actually decreased since last month, Weigle noted, with the estimate currently at around $137,000. The authority had submitted a request to the county and to Limestone Township for America Rescue Plan funds.

Six easements are associated with the project, which Weigle suggested should not prove difficult, but will require some time to complete.

“Hopefully we’re able to secure easements fairly smoothly and be prepared when the pipe material comes in and potentially when the money comes in to do the project that we’d be able to advance it,” Weigle said.

The Pine Woods/Schoolhouse Road Watermain Project is the critical watermain loop from Perry Nigart Road along Pinewoods and Schoolhouse roads.

Although the project has been on radar for several years, the reason for advancing the project now is that there is an area in the center of the Village of Oval where there is an asbestos cement pipe that is leaking.

“We would like to go and fix that leak,” Weigle said.

The problem is that because the system is lineal with few valves in it, three-quarters of the water system will be shut down and out of water.

“When we shut that valve there will be no more water that’s able to get to the western end of our water system,” Weigle said.

The plan, according to Weigle, it to not shut down the entire system, but to run a water main to create a critical loop.

Additionally, there are greenhouses that use the water for their plants and farms which need the water for animals in the area which could be affected if the water is shut down.

“We did not want to have to take water service out for watering cows in the middle of winter, either, so it’s a difficult scenario,” Weigle said.

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