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Flagstaff History: Building applications flooded development department | Local - Energy And Water Development Corp

Flagstaff History: Building applications flooded development department | Local

100 years ago

1922: There exists much difference of opinion among Flagstaff taxpayers concerning the site for the new high school. The John Clark farm north of and just outside the city limits was selected by election. Then it was supposed the site could be obtained for much less per acre than the owners ask. Since it has become known that their price is $1,333 -1/3 an acre, involving a cost of $20,000 for the 15 acres desired, and that T. A. Riordan has offered the city, free of all cost, 10 or more acres just across from the normal school on Milton Road, public preference seems to be veering sharply away from the Clark site. The Riordan site is two blocks farther from the center of the city than the other. A fine paved street runs right past the Riordan site. Dirt for grading is more accessible at the Riordan site, and grading expense otherwise would likely be considerably less. So much for all of that. This newspaper is trying to present the facts as accurately as possible, without bias.

It is with great pleasure that this newspaper can announce that both Martin G. Fransake and county clerk Tom L. Rees, who were operated on for appendicitis at Pinball Mercy Hospital on Tuesday by doctor E. Payne Palmer of Phoenix, assisted by doctors R. O. Raymond and E. S. Miller, are doing as well as can be expected, with every indication that both will soon be around, busy at their respective useful pursuits. Doctor Fransake was taken sick on Sunday. Suddenly he had an attack that was diagnosed as appendicitis. A telegram was sent to doctor Palmer, who arrived at 4 o’clock Tuesday morning and operated shortly thereafter. On Monday, Mr. Rees was very sick, though he went to his office at the courthouse as usual. During the forenoon he had to give up and go home. Mr. Rees was found also to have acute appendicitis and was rushed to the hospital being operated on right after noon. In both cases the diseased organs were badly swollen and inflamed, and it is felt that few hours delay in either case would likely have proved fatal.

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75 years ago

1947: William H. Richards, instructor of piano and graduate student at Arizona State College at Flagstaff during the fall semester that concludes this week, plans to enroll in the University of Southern California to continue his graduate work in music, majoring in piano. Mr. Richards is the son of doctor and Mrs. W. J. Richards of Kingman. Dr. Richard is well-known to the people of Flagstaff and the college because of his active interest in the drive for funds to construct a student union building on the campus. William did his undergraduate work at the University of Southern California, receiving his bachelor’s degree in music education, with a major in piano. He was awarded a fellowship at the Flagstaff college this fall.

January shoe sale for Big Boys at Babbitt’s. Brown oxfords or high shoes with good wearing soles — $2.79. In Babbitt’s meat department, pick up a beef tongue, fresh and nice, for 35¢ per pound.

50 years ago

1972: The Flagstaff City Council, by a 5-to-0 vote, today extended the emergency water rates brought about during the summer of 1971 when the city discovered itself amid a water crisis. The city manager told the council at its regular meeting today that the city is basically the same shape, water-wise, that it found itself at this same time last year. There is, at this time, enough water in upper Lake Mary, the city’s prime source of water, to last through the summer, provided citizens exercise conservancy methods and the city can use other sources, such as the inner basin of the San Francisco Peaks and its two major wellfields at Lake Mary and Woody Mountain.The manager recommended that the emergency rate be continued another six months or until July 31. The ordinance extending the rates proclaimed officially that a water use emergency seems to exist at this time and provided that the measure be passed on an emergency basis.

Representatives of the committee told the Flagstaff City Council they planned to hold the annual Pow Wow in the condemned city park grandstand after minimum improvements had been made. A committee member told the council the committee has made all its plans around use of the city park area and would like to embark on a staged program of improvement for the existing facility. Neither the Pow Wow committee nor the city could afford the $90,000 price suggested by an engineer to completely refurbish the grandstand and said he would like to see a report on the minimum improvements needed to make the grandstand safe for this year’s Pow Wow.

25 years ago

1997: Spurred by an extended building season as well as solid growth in pricey commercial and single-family home construction, Flagstaff in 1996 shattered a record for the value of construction in one year. Nearly $104.5 million worth of new construction was given permits in Flagstaff last year, beating the mark set in 1995 of $90.7 million.In 1996, 330 homes worth a total of $40 million were approved on the commercial side, 52 permits were granted and had a value of more than $18 million. The building boom in town has left some in Flagstaff happy, some worried, and others just plain slumped. The city community development department has been flooded with building applications for the last two years.

Coconino County may soon have to find new ways to fund the county highway department and superintendent of schools office. Why? Because National Forest Service fees that help fund those are rapidly disappearing.

Recently released figures show the forest service will pay Coconino County only $584,000 in 1997. For years the county highway department and the Superintendent of Schools Office have thrived on that money. But a national decline in logging has those revenues taking a tumble. The county budget officer had expected to get closer to $700,000.

All events were taken from issues of the Arizona Daily Sun and its predecessors, the Coconino Weekly Sun and the Coconino Sun.

Bruce Carl Ertmann assisted with compiling the events.

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