Furnace malfunction forces college students to take cold showers, seek hot water at hotel next door

Nelson Partners Student Housing manages the property. CBS News Colorado reached out but has yet to hear back.

However, one student, Peyton Blondin did share an email with CBS News Colorado showing property management is in contact with the Denver Department of Public Health and Environment to restore the hot water.

“It feels dirty because you don’t shower as often and it’s actually brutal, you just feel dirty,” expressed another student.

The health department says it has received at least eight complaints from residents, in a statement to CBS News Colorado from a spokesperson for the department. 

The spokesperson, Emily Williams, also confirmed that health investigators have been working on this issue for a few months and water temperatures are below what is required.


A statement from a spokesperson stated:

“DDPHE’s Residential Health team inspects and enforces city ordinances rules and regulations for residential properties. Our Residential Health investigators have been working with Auraria Student Lofts on this issue for a few months. DDPHE has received eight complaints about this property and our investigators have reported water temperature readings below what is required in the housing code and our rules and regulations. 

We take violations of the housing code seriously and issued an order for the property to comply with city regulations and correct this issue on Sept. 21. The property submitted an extension request because they had to order a specialty made part that is expected to be delivered by Dec. 11. Because residents at the facility have been provided access to alternate shower facilities, DDPHE granted the extension. This property shares the building with the Curtis Hotel and Auraria Student Loft residents are able to utilize the shower facilities in vacant rooms.”


For now residents have to resort to signing up for a shower time slot at the Curtis Hotel which is adjacent to the lofts. The hotel is only available from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m.

Some students express that it’s not the best option.

“The hotel is really gross and really humid,” said one student.

Another echoed the same sentiment adding, “if you have to shower, you have to do it, but it is not enjoyable.”


The lofts have 125 units and more than 400 beds.

In that same email one student shared from property management it was addressed necessary parts needed for repairs to the water heater have been ordered via a third party contractor and they are waiting for those parts. 

The Denver Department of Public Health and Environment gave them until Dec. 11.

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