Gaza under siege: ‘Life has become unliveable’

In the house we’re staying in, we have to plan every step carefully. The first thing to consider is the availability of water, of course. So far, we’ve managed to refill our tanks twice a week, despite the rising cost of renting the generator to pump water into our tanks. There’s a lot of people in this house and we all need to coordinate with each other to take our showers.

Only 1 or 2 people can shower each day, though sometimes we manage to add a kid or 2 on top of that. If we have water, we need to start a fire to heat it first, and we only use 2 litres for each shower. When showering, we collect the used water and reuse it to flush the toilets.

It’s a big change from getting up in the morning, turning the water on and showering within 5 minutes. It feels like our lives have taken a huge step back in time. Yes, in the 21st century, dear readers, there are people who can’t shower, can’t flush the toilet, and can’t charge their phones. There are people who can’t connect to the internet and communicate with their loved ones. Right now, there are people living under occupation, their entire lives controlled. Israel can turn our power, water, and communications on and off, at will. It is totally unfair. It is inhumane, and it’s still going on without serious objection from the international community.

Something needs to change

Our lives could be cut short at any moment. So many of us are being killed. My story could end, but you can carry it on. You can keep speaking about us Palestinians, about our hopes, our aspirations, our land, our food, our sea, our resilience.

We are human beings, and we deserve to live. Yet, the conditions we’re going through are inhumane.

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