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Green Hell: Best Base Locations

Green Hell doesn’t make survival easy on players, but building a well-placed base can increase one’s chances.

Angry tribes and jaguars stalk the jungle. Leeches and piranhas infest the black water. Rain clouds clot in the sky, threatening a downpour that will chill to the bone any poor fool caught in it. Even the berries and mushrooms that look so tempting to an empty stomach can mean a poisonous death.

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Hardcore survival game Green Hell wants players dead, and it has many ways to make that happen. To protect themselves from the dangerous jungle players, will want to build a base. Building just anywhere is dangerous, however, as setting up camp in the wrong spot may leave the player starving or worse. To avoid that fate requires a keen eye and knowledge of the treacherous terrain. Here are some of the best base locations in Green Hell.


What To Look For In A Base

There are a few conditions that go into determining whether a location is suitable for a base. Fortunately, it’s pretty easy even for beginner players to understand what those conditions are. Green Hell is, above everything else, a survival game, so a good base needs to either provide everything the player needs to survive, or at least provide most things and quick access to whatever is missing. Green Hell is a long survival game, so a base needs to meet the player’s needs in the long term, not just for a day or two.

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Food, water, and shelter are the most obvious requirements. The player needs reliable access to food (whether plants or meat), clean water, and somewhere to keep them safe from the natives and the jungle’s many predators. In addition to these things, the player will also want an abundance of crafting supplies. Even the best base sites aren’t worth it if the player will have to hike through the entire jungle every time they need to craft something. Balancing these competing needs is part of what makes Green Hell one of the best survival games out there.

The Best Base Locations

With these requirements in mind, what locations actually meet the player’s needs? There are five coordinates that offer the best base conditions in Green Hell.

  • 28°W, 33°S is the location of the tutorial camp in Story Mode, and it includes a stream of clean drinking water, eliminating the need for boiling. There’s also plenty of open, flat land to build on.
  • 35°W, 26°S is Anaconda Island, a beautiful location with a wealth of important resources. There are caiman in the area, which can be dangerous if the player isn’t paying attention, but as long as the player has their eyes open, Anaconda Island is more than worth the trouble.
  • 48°W, 16°S is the location of a cave that has turtle and armadillo spawn points. However it also spawns scorpions and spiders, so the player must beware if they decide to take shelter here.

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  • 25°W, 24°S is an oasis that contains a great deal of food, including nut trees, fish, and birds. Instead of caiman, there is a puma spawn in the area, so it’s not completely free of danger.
  • 51°W, 19°S is the location of a harbor with a fishing dock. There’s plenty of open land to build on, as well as numerous fish and birds for meat and arrows. The water does contain piranha, but the tradeoffs make the harbor an excellent place to build a base in this brutal survival game.

Green Hell is available now for PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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