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hampi: Lack of drinking water, washrooms irks Hampi tourists | Hubballi News - Energy And Water Development Corp

hampi: Lack of drinking water, washrooms irks Hampi tourists | Hubballi News

HAMPI (VIJAYANAGARA): Tourists flocking to Hampi are not too happy with the infrastructure at the world heritage site like lack of washrooms and facilities for dispensing drinking water. The e-toilets set up at various locations are not fit for use, owing to lack of maintenance. Women tourists, in particular, are distressed with the lack of washrooms in and around the ruins.
Women tourists from Chennai who were recently in Hampi were quite disappointed at the lack of clean restrooms in the area. The lack of basic facilities in Hampi sets in stark relief the claims of the state government on allocating Rs 100 crore towards development of the tourism sector.
As far back as in 2014-15, a report submitted by the office of the Comptroller and Auditor General (CAG), claimed that nearly 33% of visitors to Hampi were not satisfied with the utilities at the site. It has been six years since the submission of the report, but there has not been much change at the popular tourist destination.
Hampi is a prominent destination, and it is very picturesque. There are not enough facilities for drinking water, washrooms and rooms to store luggage. It is very difficult to locate washrooms,” said Lakshmi Vasudevan, a tourist from Chennai. The two e-toilets near Kodandarama temple, she noted, had no water. “The government must provide basic amenities to ensure the welfare of tourists,” Lakshmi said.
Sudha Ramalingam, an advocate, who visited Hampi recently, said her trip was marred by the poor facilities and planning. “It is very difficult to enter Vijaya Vittala temple because the Hampi World Heritage Site Area Management Authority (HWAMA) has introduced buggies, making it difficult for private vehicles to commute on the road. Tourists have to travel 1.5km on the buggies from Gejjalu Mantapa to Vijaya Vittala temple paying Rs 20 for the ride. The authority operates very few buggies, and we had to wait for an hour,” said Sudha.
HWAMA chairman Aniruddha Shravan, also deputy commissioner of Vijayanagara district, said that the district administration will take measures to provide basic amenities for the benefit of tourists visiting Hampi.

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