Harwan, adjoining areas decry scarcity of drinking water

Harwan, adjoining areas decry scarcity of drinking water

Posted on Aug 10, 2021 | Author Aatif Qayoom

Srinagar, Aug 09: Residents of Harwan and adjoining areas Monday expressed resentment against the Jal Shakti Department for failing to provide them adequate drinking water facilities.


The aggrieved residents told Rising Kashmir that they are without a drinking water facility for the last 5 days and the concerned department is watching as a mute spectator.


“Due to the scarcity of water, we are facing hardships,” the locals said.

Nasir Hussain, a local from Harwan said that on the first day of Muharram “they are without adequate drinking water supply and they moved to the concerned department.


He said despite assurance from the authorities that they will provide adequate facilities to people in Muharram but in vain.


The people in these localities said their taps are running dry and they are facing hardships. “Despite several requests, nothing has been done to restore the water supply in the area,” they said.


They said the residents are forced to fetch water from other places.

“As authorities have failed to supply drinking water, we are forced to fetch water from other places for our use,” they said.


The residents said that they repeatedly requested the authorities to “shift some of the water tap connections to another line.”


The aggrieved residents questioned the claims of the Jal Shakti department that they have completed the Jal Jeevan Mission in Srinagar.


“In summer the department is saying people are facing water scarcity because people are using heavy motors to irrigate their kitchen gardens and in winters they are blaming harsh winter for water scarcity,” they said.


The residents appealed to the Jal Shakti Department to provide drinking water facilities to people in Muharram.


Speaking to Rising Kashmir the concern AEE Jal Shakti Department Tabish Qureshi contested the claims of people and said they are getting water as per schedule, however, “the water is being stopped for few hours due to construction.”


“There is some renovation needed at the water reservoir at Dachigam canal from where the water is being supplied,” he said, adding that “the construction material has been also sent and the work will be completed in coming days and the people will get water as per schedule.”



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