Heat wave and water scarcity

Kashmir Valley is reeling under a heat wave again. Amid the heat wave, people in a number of areas are facing acute shortage of drinking water. Reports say that the taps are running dry in these areas and the residents are not being provided water through water tankers. The people say that they have to fetch water from other sources. Sometimes the water is not safe for drinking as the sources, including streams, are polluted. While the drinking water shortage occurs throughout the year at some places but it gets aggravated and extended to more areas in summer. In summer the people need more water for drinking purpose.

So the problem gives a tough time to the affected people. Water shortage needs a permanent solution. But the solution is not being found out. Jal Shakti Department is presently busy in its mission to provide tap water connection to 100 percent households.

It is a good mission. But at the same time to addres the growing problem of water scarcity is imperative. The concerned authorities must see to it that how the problem can be solved. The population is increasing and the demand for the drinking water is also increasing. Therefore , there is need to increase and extend the water supply related infrastructure. More water supply schemes must be established to meet the demand.

The concerned department has to identify the areas where there is need to launch more water supply schemes. The deffective or non-functional schemes must be repaired or replaced. There is also a need to press the water tankers into service in water scarcity hit areas. While the facility is available in some areas, the number of tankers too has to be increased. Supplying safe water is equally important. There are reports from some areas regarding unsafe and contaminated water being supplied. This leads to water borne diseases.

There are reports of filtration plants not working properly in some areas. These plants should be repaired. It is equally important to keep the water sources clean and free from pollution. Some reports say that the garbage is being dumped near the water sources or filtration plants. This malpractice has to be given up. Providing adequate supply of safe drinking water in this scorching heat is highly important and the task should be accomplished on priority basis.

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