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Hoback RV Park reaches water quality violation settlement – Buckrail - Energy And Water Development Corp

Hoback RV Park reaches water quality violation settlement – Buckrail

HOBACK, Wyo. – The Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) announced today, March 8 that a settlement has been reached with the owner of Hoback RV Park addressing water quality violations at the property.

In March 2020, DEQ completed an inspection of the Hoback RV Park and identified liquid wastewater on the ground in the northern portion of the Hoback RV Park septic system leach field. DEQ also determined that water treatment brine generated from an ion exchange water treatment system was discharging to the subsurface without a permit. A notice of violation was issued to the owners of the park, Crowley Capital, LLC, on July 2, 2020 for violations identified during the inspection.

To correct the violations and bring the facility into compliance, Crowley Capital, LLC immediately posted signage and fencing in the area of the surfacing sewage to prevent residents from coming in contact with the wastewater, and they subsequently addressed operation of the septic system such that sewage is no longer surfacing. Crowley Capital, LLC also immediately ceased the unpermitted water treatment brine discharge and connected the discharge line to a permitted holding tank.

The violations also caused the eviction of a number of longterm tenants. In November 2020, tenants at the park were notified their leases would expire Dec. 31, 2020, due to the new septic system capacity. Tenants were given the option to sign a one-time lease at the Virginian, expiring April 30, 2021.

Tenants were give about a months notice that their leases would expire back in December 2020 due to the septic system capacity. Photo: Nick Sulzer // Buckrail

According to DEQ, Crowley Capital, LLC is currently working to investigate groundwater quality in the Hoback RV Park area to determine whether impacts to groundwater and existing water wells may have occurred from the illegal discharge of brine.

In addition to Crowley Capital, LLC spending over $100,000 on corrective actions to address the violations, the settlement agreement invests nearly $300,000 into additional water quality protection and restoration activities within the area, according to a release by DEQ.

“The owners of Hoback RV Park addressed the necessary actions immediately upon receipt of the notice of violation and have worked collaboratively with DEQ and Teton County to address the violations,” Lily Barkau, DEQ groundwater section manager, said.

Crowley Capital, LLC has also agreed to fund a Supplemental Environmental Project in the Hoback Junction Area, which includes working with residents, Teton County, Teton Conservation District, Wyoming Water Development Commission, and DEQ to create and operate a water and sewer district and to fund a Water Development Level II study to evaluate the feasibility of constructing a public water system for the area.


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