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Keep Ice Clean, Keep Fish Caught in Deep Water - Energy And Water Development Corp

Keep Ice Clean, Keep Fish Caught in Deep Water

JAMESTOWN, N.D. ( – Anglers have hit the ice after extremely frigid temperatures solidified ice on lakes and reservoirs across the state.

North Dakota Game & Fish Wildlife Biologist Doug Leier says while it’s exciting to be deep in the throws of the ice fishing season, it’s important to clean up after yourself when you’re done for the day.

The Game & Fish Department says it’s illegal to leave fish, including minnows used for bait, behind on the ice. According to state fishing regulations, when a fish is caught, anglers must either immediately release the fish unharmed, or reduce them to their daily possession.

Leier also says fish that are caught in deep water should be kept. Catch-and-release fishing, no matter the time of year, is discouraged for fish caught in 30 feet or more, because fish reeled in from those depths have a greater chance of dying if released.

Game and Fish recommends that anglers targeting fish in deeper water make the commitment to keep what they catch. And once they reach their limit, anglers should stop fishing at that depth to avoid killing more than their limit.

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