KPRC2 helps woman living in apartment filled with sewer water

HOUSTON – Melanie Thompson said the conditions are unlivable inside her home at the Watermill Apartments.

“This is insane,” Thompson said. “The water is now back.”

She said showed KPRC 2 the standing sewer water inside her home. She said it has been like that for week, and at one point, water was standing 4 to 6 inches.

“It just ridiculous dude. There are mushrooms growing in my closet,” Thompson said.

It’s unclear what exactly caused the leak.

“I have no idea, supposedly a pipe busted,” Thompson said.

The empty apartment next door to Thompson is filled with standing water and trash. People in hazmat suits were spotted cleaning up on Monday.

KPRC 2 Reporter Corley Peel spoke with the manager at the apartments. They said management gave Thompson the option to move units and be reimbursed for a hotel.  

Thompson said one of the units she was moved to still had people and trash inside. She said she could not afford being reimbursed for a hotel.

After speaking with both Thompson and the manager, KPRC 2 was informed Thompson would be moved to an empty and clean unit. We also helped confirm Thompson has renters’ insurance, which should help with some of the water damage.

“I’m thinking, thank God y’all came, because everything just fell together. I appreciate it,” Thompson said.

Management told KPRC 2 they plan to have the sewer water fixed by Tuesday. They said it is unclear when the units will be completely repaired.

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