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madurai: Water Scarcity Tops Madurai Zone-2’s Woes | Madurai News - Energy And Water Development Corp

madurai: Water Scarcity Tops Madurai Zone-2’s Woes | Madurai News

Madurai: Water scarcity and garbage may be issues common to many parts of Madurai corporation, but it is worse in zone 2 wards, which also have three major tanks the supply channels of which are choked with plastic wastes and garbage. Vandiyur tank, Sellur tank and Naganakulam tank come within the zone, but though these huge water bodies have been rainwater harvesting structures since time immemorial, it is the wards bordering them that suffer most due to water scarcity.
It was late chief minister J Jayalalithaa who first said steps will taken to maintain Vandiyur tank. Had it been maintained properly, the tank spread over 500 acres could have solved the water problem of at least eight wards surrounding it, but till date the tank which is under PWD control has not been desilted. Supply channels which are filled with garbage throughout the year are not kept clean for passage of water.
Residents of Gomathypuram, Melamadai, Vandiyur, Anna Nagar and K K Nagar want the irrigation tank to be reclassified for drinking water purpose and that it be taken control of by Madurai corporation. “This is one promise that we are going to make the candidates make,’’ said D Raghavan, president of Gomathypuram Thendral Nagar Residents welfare association.
Come summer and residents say they would have to buy tankers of water as they do not have piped supply in their homes and their borewells run dry. “Bringing water from Mullaperiyar can wait, but if the tanks are desilted and maintained it would be the immediate solution,’’ said R Abubakker of Neernilaigal Paathukaapu Iayakkam, a resident of Sellur.
Abubakker says garbage collection in wards 23, 24, and 25 is very bad and irregular. The corporation blames it on lack of sanitary workers, but it is never rectified and people dump garbage on the banks of the tank, he said. Panthalkudi channel is one which carries sewage and garbage. The same is the problem in the wards surrounding Naganakulam tank which are water-starved despite having a large water body in their vicinity.
Garbage collection is poor in most of the wards with people paying for it in the extension wards. It is not segregated, but dumped at common places and burnt by sanitary workers. Most of the waste in these areas is strewn on vacant plots and rarely reach the corporation dump yard.

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