Marsabit secretary defends Governor Ali’s legacy

Marsabit County Principal Administrative Secretary Godana Diqa has defended Governor Mohamud Ali’s development strides saying the county government will implement various water projects across the county in an effort to address perennial water shortages.

“The government has plans to address water scarcity in a strategic way by building infrastructure to supply water,” he said

He said Governor Mohamud understands the pain people are facing as a result of the lack of water and that he had both short and long-term plans.

Godana said the distribution of plastic water tanks across the county help in reducing the problem of water shortages being experienced in the region, especially during the dry period.

He said drilling of boreholes and construction of dams also help in reducing conflict brought about by water scarcity and reduce congestion in the few available water sources.

The residents have been trekking more kilometres in search of water while herders migrated to the neighbouring counties in search of pastures and water.

“The construction of dams and boreholes help improve the social life of residents,” Godana said.

Speaking during Dub Goba FC Grand party, Godana said Governor Mohamud-led administration boasts of key infrastructural developments in health, agriculture, education, water and the road.

He mentioned the scholarship program, medical training college, sololo level four hospital and Loiyangalani fish factory as some of the key projects governors would be remembered for generations to come.

He disclosed that Governor Mohamud Ali through the Department of Health equipped the health facilities as well as installing necessary medical machines.

He said Governor Mohamud in his second and final term in office will enhance public service delivery in all sectors.

“Governor Mohamud’s administration will seek to improve the quality of life for all marsabit residents regardless of whether they voted for him or not,” he said

To address unemployment among the youth which has remained a big challenge in the county, Godana said Governor Ali made free vocational training in the county and introduced an internship program.

He said the county boss gives more focus on peaceful and harmonious coexistence for marsabit citizens to pursue their dreams of happiness and prosperity in a peaceful environment.

He advised young people to embrace sports for healthy living and also to reduce restiveness in society.

Godana said it’s high time for the youth to shun drug consumption and embraced sports so that they can be self-reliant and become role models in society.

He said the governor is determined to support diverse sporting activities to promote social cohesion in the region.

“We should encourage our children to embrace sporting activities rather than engaging in illicit acts of drug abuse. Youth should embrace sports as an instrument of self-actualization,” he advised.

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