Mintel insights on consumer interest in waterless, solid formulation

According to Global Senior Analyst in Beauty and Personal Care at Mintel Anna Keller, 20% of adults in the US list sustainability as one of the top three important areas for a company to support. Additionally, 71% of consumers said they’re interested in soap, bath and shower products which would help save water.

Keller said consumer efforts to reduce their water usage, driven by global issues with water scarcity and social movements around the climate crisis, have pushed consumers to consider and decrease their own environmental impacts.

“This sentiment has grown, and in 2019, 30% of adult consumers said that they were trying to use less water when showering and/or bathing, and in 2020, 52% said that they are trying to take shorter showers to help conserve water,” ​Keller said.

For the eco-ethically interested consumer, Keller also said waterless allows brands to use more sustainable packaging options. Solid personal care products like bar soaps require far less packaging than their liquid counterpart and are good candidates for biodegradable packaging options.

Keller said some brands, like Plus​, have even implemented water soluble packaging which consumers can simply dissolve in the shower, effectively eliminating packaging waste for their product.

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