Mission Paani: Israel In Bundelkhand

For years now, Bundelkhand has faced a severe water scarcity. And the situation is only getting worse. All 13 districts in Bundelkhand are water-stressed. Because of this farmers are forced to leave their fields and migrate to other places in search of jobs.

The difference between old generation farming and new generation farming is that output was constantly declining. That saw the economic condition of farmer families deteriorating.

Traditional farming is water-intensive. Farmers would suffer if rains failed during the sowing season, as the crops would not germinate. And if the crops did not germinate, the farmers would have to replant the crops. Again, during harvest time, if the rain were either too much or too little, the crops would be destroyed.

Unprecedented weather conditions saw farmers’ expenditure levels rising.

Clearly, farmers could make no profit unless they moved to modern farming.

This forced them to look around. They got in touch with Netafim, an Israeli company. The company’s drip-irrigation system helped farmers raise crops even in adverse conditions. The system used the force of water to keep consistent flow in all the drippers at all times. All plants received equal doses of water and fertilizer, resulting in generation of equal yield by all the plants. This ensured maximum profit for the farmers.

Israel is a global leader in irrigation of arid land. To put to use their learnings, the Uttar Pradesh government partnered with Israel. Netafim’s technology holds the potential to transform Bundelkhand into a water-secure place all year round. With this technology, farmers can hope to add more crops to their crop cycles and earn more.

For the entire show, watch the accompanying video of Mission Paani.

(Edited by : Thomas Abraham)

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