Mt. Pleasant Has an Obligation to Reject 31 Homes on Pocantico Lake

We face a worrisome future of both water scarcity and floods.

The Town of Mount Pleasant, given scarcity, has an obligation to consider Pocantico Lake as a future source of clean water.

The town, given flooding, has an obligation to reject the building of 31 new homes, which would imperil the lake; the back-up of sewers will result in contaminating runoff, even in the event of separate sewage and stormwater pipes.  

The town cannot be guided by decisions made about Pocantico Lake and its environs in the 1970s, ‘80s and ‘90s. Given the climate emergency upon us, the town has an obligation to put access to clean drinking water for some 50,000 people over the lifestyle wishes of 31 private homeowners.  

And all of the above says nothing about the wisdom of felling one million square feet of forest containing CO2-absorbing trees.

I served as a congregational rabbi in Mount Pleasant for 18 years. I am still a frequent visitor to your town and hiker in your parks. We who live downstream from you are amongst the many stakeholders to your decision – as residents and taxpayers of Westchester County, as global citizens and as living beings on a very fragile planet.

Mark Sameth


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