No outdoor water use in Glenwood Springs until Monday after mudslides impact city water supply

A restriction on outdoor water use for Glenwood Springs city water customers is in place Saturday night until 8 a.m. Monday following heavy weekend rains over both the Grizzly Creek and Lake Christine burn scars.

Rainfall has dumped heavy debris into both the Roaring Fork River and No Name Creek, according to a city advisory issued Saturday night.

No exterior water use, including lawn watering, washing cars and filling pools is allowed until the restrictions are lifted.

Water remains safe for regular indoor use and consumption, the release states.

“Right now, all of our water tanks in town are at a good level for indoor water use, but we expect the debris in our water supplies to remain rather heavy with all the recent rain,” Public Works Director Matt Langhorst said. “Forecasts indicate there is still more rain to come which likely means even more debris, so it is important that everyone take action now to tun off outdoor water systems, which use very high amounts of water, until the debris lessens.”

The city is working with large water users on the city water to turn off outdoor water systems. Water restriction violations can be reported to Glenwood Police at 970-384-6500.

The restrictions will be reviewed daily, according to the release.

Several mud and debris slides have greatly increased turbity, or cloudiness, in the city’s water supplies, Langhorst said.

That cloudiness is measured by what’s called nephelometric turbidity units (NTU).

“For a sense of how much debris we’re clearing, we currently have a turbidity reading of about 300-400 NTU coming from the Roaring Fork and approximately 4,000 NTU from No Name,” Langhorst explained. “A typical reading for our water sources is less than 6 NTU.”

Cloudiness in water is caused by large numbers of individual particles that are generally invisible to the naked eye, similar to smoke in air, he explained.

Turbidity measurement is a key test of water quality, Langhorst said.

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