Pleasant Hill declares water emergency, cites low levels in water tower

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — The city of Pleasant Hill, Missouri, has issued a water emergency declaration on Tuesday, July 4.

Pleasant Hill cites an issue reported on July 3 within the pump station that distributes water to the city, per a press release.

While the city has tried to conserve water through voluntary water conservation during repairs, levels in the water tower have become low enough to declare an emergency.

During this emergency declaration, Pleasant Hill residents are limited or prohibited from using water in certain circumstances due to city ordinances.

Residents are prohibited from watering their lawns or gardens, washing motor vehicles and boats and filling their swimming pools.

If a resident is found violating any of these prohibitions, the city will request that the resident cease or limit their use during the water emergency. If the same resident is found violating the ordinance a second time, water service to that resident or water user will be shut off until the water emergency is lifted, according to the release.

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