Pleasanton: Castlewood in midst of serious water shortage with SFPUC well pump failures | News

The Castlewood community is facing a significant water supply breakdown that could extend into at least Monday amid pump failures within the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission-owned well system that serves the area in unincorporated Pleasanton.

Officials with the SFPUC and Castlewood Property Owners Association are asking Castlewood residents to limit use of their household water as crews work to temporarily supplement the water system’s tanks while troubleshooting of the underlying pump problem continues. The Club at Castlewood stopped water irrigation for the day.

Stop-gap strategies on Sunday have included trucking in water from SFPUC facilities in the Sunol Valley as well as trying to establish a hook-up connection to a nearby city fire hydrant to pull from the Pleasanton municipal water system, according to SFPUC press secretary Will Reisman.

“This morning, one of the two groundwater well pumps that are part of the SFPUC-owned Pleasanton well system failed. The other well failed over a month ago and a new replacement pump is on order,” Reisman told the Weekly late Sunday afternoon. “This is the sole source of supply for Castlewood and these residents.”

“SFPUC Water Supply and Treatment Crews have been troubleshooting the issue all day,” Reisman said. “Combined, the trucks and the hydrant ‘jump’ will not meet the normal demand off this system, but will help.”

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