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Providing clean water to Punjab one of my top priorities: Sarwar - Energy And Water Development Corp

Providing clean water to Punjab one of my top priorities: Sarwar

Lahore   –  Punjab Governor Chaudhry Muhammad Sarwar has said that there are numerous problems in Pakistan that need to be solved. 

All political parties will have to work together to revive the economy, he said. Sarwar said that due to GSP Plus Status, Pakistan is reaping benefits worth millions of dollars as he had been to the UK and lobbying for GSP Plus Status and will continue to do so. Pakistan has the GSP Plus Status till 2023 and it will be extended as well, he said. Governor Punjab Chaudhry Muhammad Sarwar said that clean water is one of my top priorities, adding, that by March 2022, we will be able to provide clean drinking water to 1.5 million people.

 Punjab Aab-e-Pak Authority has introduced a system that will continue to operate and that day is not far when clean drinking water will be available in the whole of Punjab, he added. Punjab Governor Chaudhry Muhammad Sarwar while answering various questions said that it is said in the UK and Europe that due to my political insight Pakistan has been given an extension in the GSP Plus status.  

However, if the EU wants to introduce reforms for our minorities, human rights and other sectors, it is the responsibility of all political parties to work for the betterment of the country’s image and society, he stated.

In response to a question, the Governor of Punjab said that there was a time when he campaigned for Benazir Bhutto, Nawaz Sharif and they formed the government while he supported Imran Khan in the 2018 elections and PTI won the elections.

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