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Pump East Maui ground water west | News, Sports, Jobs - Energy And Water Development Corp

Pump East Maui ground water west | News, Sports, Jobs

Our annual drought on Maui, and subsequent water restrictions because of almost complete reliance on surface water for East Maui, is well established and will no doubt become longer in duration with climate change.

The result for Upcountry residents who are required to let their landscapes die each summer for several months is painful, but is this necessary?

A 2009 assessment by the State of Hawaii determined that it is not. Estimated average daily groundwater recharge of 85 million gallons per day is for just the Waikamoi aquifer, and as far as I know, there is not a single well drilled into this aquifer. Why?

East Maui is estimated to have seven times the ground water of West Maui. Since we have this vast amount of ground water available in East Maui, what is stopping us from using it?

Objections I have heard are that it’s too costly to pump. If that’s true, why do we pump for Central and South Maui? That doesn’t seem too costly. We all pay for that.

I would like to know who represents the people of Upcountry Maui? Who is fighting for us? All I’ve heard is waha, talk.

Year after year, decade after decade goes by and no action is taken. We have now surpassed a billion-dollar budget for Maui and apparently there’s nothing in it to address this problem.

This is election year, and we must let the candidates and those elected who will fight for us know by our vote.

Dwight Weiding


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