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Pune, 10th November 2023: As of today (9th), the Pune district grapples with water scarcity, with the Nazare dam remaining dry out of the 26 dams in the region. The combined useful water storage in the remaining 25 dams stands at 158.66 TMC, equivalent to 79.99 per cent of the total water storage capacity. However, this marks a significant decrease of 43.37 TMC compared to the water storage at the same time last year.

Last year, the total water storage in the district’s dams was 202.03 TMC, with an available water stock of 102 per cent. This year’s available water storage has dropped by 22.01 per cent in comparison. The district boasts 32 dams, including six owned by the Tata Group. Excluding the Tata Group dams, the 26 remaining dams play a crucial role in water supply.

Major dams in the Pune district, including Ujani Dam, Bhama Askhed Dam, Manikdoh Dam, Chaskaman Dam, Pawna Lake, Mulshi Dam, Temghar Dam, Varasgaon Dam, Panshet Dam, Gunjwani Dam, Nira-Deoghar Dam, Bhatghar Dam, Veer Dam, among others, have a projected useful water storage capacity of 198.34 TMC.

The Khadakwasla Dam Project, responsible for supplying drinking water to Pune city, consists of four dams – Temghar Dam, Varasgaon Dam, Panshet Dam, and Khadakwasla Dam. Currently, their combined water storage is 26.59 TMC, reflecting a decrease of 1.88 TMC compared to the same period last year.

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Ujani Dam, a vital water source, currently holds 27.31 TMC of usable water, which is 50.98 per cent of its total water storage capacity. This indicates a decrease of 32.32 TMC in Ujani Dam’s water storage compared to last year.

Today’s storage in major dams (in TMC):

– Temghar Dam: 2.69
– Varasgaon Dam: 121.3
– Panshet Dam: 10.65
– Khadakwasla Dam: 1.12
– Pawna Lake: 7.88
– Chaskaman Dam: 7.28
– Bhama Askhed Dam: 6.77
– Andra Valley Dam: 2.71
– Gunjwani Dam: 3.58
– Bhatghar Dam: 23.37
– Nira-Deoghar Dam: 11.71
– Veer Dam: 5.78
– Manikdoh Dam: 7.97
– Yedgaon Dam: 1.87
– Dimbhe Dam: 12.01

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