Redcliff Town Faces Serious Water Crisis

By Staff Reporter

RESIDENTS of Redcliff Town are reeling from acute water shortages and have gone for weeks on dry taps after the Kwekwe City Council disconnected the dormitory town over an $80 million debt.

Redcliff does not have its own water reticulation system and buys bulk water from Kwekwe before pumping its int its residents’ homes.

The situation has also been compounded by the fact that the Zimbabwe Electricity Supply Authority (Zesa) recently disconnected power from Ziscosteel, which over a $40 million debt.

The water which is sold to residents by Redcliff passes through Ziscosteel’s water works.

Redcliff Mayor Clayton Masiyatsva  said the persistence of water challenges in Redcliff is caused by a plethora of factors including a ballooning water debt to Kwekwe City Council which has accumulated to over $80 million.

“We have not been receiving water from Kwekwe and the reason being non- payment of water consumed from Kwekwe. On the other hand the Zesa issue is still there and Zisco has requested that we give them 200litres of diesel per 4 hrs in order to pump water to Redcliff and Torwood,” Masiyatsva said.

He added that talks were underway with Ziscosteel to find a solution to the water crisis.

“My  plea is for us to pay our bills. We are now owing Kwekwe City over $80 million,” said Masiyatsva.

“We have since started water disconnections for defaulters,” he said.

Ziscosteel chief executive officer Farai Karonga said the Zesa debt is a legacy debt.

“The debt is historical as it dated back to the days when the company stopped production. It is a legacy debt that was accrued over a long period of time,” he said.

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