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Reliable Storage, High Grain Value - Energy And Water Development Corp

Reliable Storage, High Grain Value


Having successfully serviced the needs of clients in other regions worldwide, CESCO EPC GmbH is taking its solutions to sub-Saharan Africa where there has been an increase in unpredictable weather patterns due to climate change.  

Commercial grain farmers or organisations involved in grain handling, storing and milling in Africa should invest in reliable and robust grain storage and handling systems to safeguard their invaluable asset. This is in view of the effects of climate change, which have undermined traditional means of grain drying and storage. Currently, due to erratic weather conditions, farmers cannot rely on sunlight to dry their grain, in addition storage facilities cannot withstand water from heavy rain and flooding.

Drought conditions and grain scarcity

Environmentalists have warned that the current drought conditions will worsen. Ideally, with the ensuing grain scarcity, which is driving up prices, producers should be making more revenue. Thus, it is worthwhile for them to utilise modern grain storage, handling and milling equipment.

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Martino Celeghini, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of CESCO EPC GmbH, assures grain producers and distributors in Africa that CESCO has relevant solutions to meet contemporary grain handling, storage and processing needs specific to African conditions. CESCO EPC GmbH, until recently known as PETKUS Engineering GmbH, is Germany-based globally focused company based in Wutha-Farnroda and Konstanz. It designs and supplies industrial plants for grain logistics and deep processing with handling, storing and milling systems.

Perfectly positioned

Celeghini affirms that CESCO is eager to replicate the success in meeting clientele requirements registered in other regions in sub-Saharan Africa. He asserts that the following attributes have made the company to perfectly positioned to handle clientele’s unique needs: broad business speciality, wide range of relevant products and services portfolio, client-centred value proposition and dynamic, access to financial assistance and experienced human resources. Small wonder, it has been consistently building an enviable portfolio of successfully executed projects worldwide.

  1. Broad business specialty

CESCO has tailored its business offering to cover a broad spectrum of clientele’s specific needs, mainly in the following niche areas: Domestic grain terminals, Inland grain storage terminals, Grain Port Terminals and Dry Milling Plants for Deep Processing.

  1. Wide range of relevant products and services portfolio

 The company has a wide range of relevant product and services range in different categories. The objective of having a diverse product range is to cater for the needs of clients in the grain processing value chain. currently, the following are the range of products:

  • Conveyors, namely chain and belt conveyors, bucket elevators;
  • Silos, namely cylindrical, and prismatic, flat and hopper bottom up to very large capacity silos, with all accessories;
  • Process equipment, namely pre-cleaners and filters, dryers, and MMW milling equipment;
  • Steel structures for process dedicated buildings and structures for industrial plants in general, such as machinery towers, bridges, walkways.
  1. Value proposition – Smart Concept, Easy Operation

CESCO is an acronym which stands for CEleghini Smart COncepts.

Celeghini as a trade name clearly refers to the extensive knowledge and experience in the design and realisation of grain plants of the co-investor and the long-time CEO of PETKUS Technologie and PETKUS Engineering, Luca Celeghini. In decades of activity, Luca Celeghini has created a strong team that has gradually collected a vast experience, now transferred to CESCO.

“As far as Smart Concepts are concerned, throughout the years of operation in the business we have realised that the key for the successful operation of the plant lies in understanding clients needs at the very beginning of a project and in creating in close cooperation with the client a tailored, smart concept of the plant. That is also why our motto states: “Smart Concept, Easy Operation,” Celeghini expounds.
CESCO is able to offer personalised turnkey solutions to suit specific needs of clients, which span designing and engineering, manufacturing, assembly, commissioning and maintenance. For instance, the company can make some special provisions for the client in areas such as efficiency of operation and energy saving, internal basic and fine engineering including static design of steel structure, and Industrial design of manufacturing process, just to mention a few.
  1. Access to financial assistance

CESCO is aware that for some of the clientele in Africa, the main obstacle could be raising the necessary finance to procurement equipment. What should certainly be of interest to clients, Celeghini points out, is that, where there is need for finance, CESCO is able to facilitate access to special funds and export guarantees. Financing arrangement is underwritten by the Government of Germany.

  1. Perfect blend of youth and experience

What makes CESCO a robust and relevant outfit able to tackle a project of any magnitude in the grain storage, handling and milling is a perfect blend of youth and experience. “The mix of our team makes us a dynamic entity – young people with fresh ideas, drawing on the depth of experience of veterans under the guidance of CESCO President, Luca Celeghini, who are committed to excellence. This makes us adaptable, a professional partner for realising advanced grain plant solutions around the world,” stresses Martino Celeghini.

Project portfolio

Thanks to its committed team and the ability to deliver relevant solutions, CESCO has built a reputation as the supplier of first resort in grain storage, milling and processing technology. True to form, if potential clientele in Africa needs further assurance of CESCO’s credibility, they only have to look at the diverse portfolio of projects. CESCO is currently developing global projects and facilities in more than 15 countries. Worth mentioning, it is active in Europe, Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan, Middle East and North Africa.

So far, to its name, CESCO has supplied 34 grain terminals with 1.831.000 mt of storage capacity worldwide since 2010 and 3 Deep processing plants.

Currently, CESCO is working on a project in Egypt and is looking forward to expanding in sub-Saharan Africa. “We consider sub-Saharan Africa as a key region for expansion. We see an invaluable opportunity to add value to clientele needs in grain handling, storage and dry milling in the region,” states Celeghini. “We are currently completing two strategic projects in Sweden and Denmark and are in charge of several projects in Europe, Middle East and Africa, among which a new Barilla investment in Russia, a plant in partnership with GEA in Russia for deep processing of yellow peas and a large milling plant in partnership with Bühler in Africa for various grains.”

Reliable partner

With extensive international experience in large project management, as well as a wide portfolio of high-profile projects worldwide, there should be no doubt that CESCO is a reliable partner for investors. “What we guarantee is delivering the best possible German engineering, and adapting it to conditions in Africa,” pronounces Celeghini.

Sufficiently supported

From its headquarters in Germany, CESCO EPC GmbH leverages on the certainty of supply of components from its subsidiaries spread across different countries in Europe to ensure that a project is delivered on time, within budget and to the exact specifications.
With the engineering done to high standards in Germany, the company is supported by:
  • It sources Nord electric motors and gearboxes in Germany
  • The silo storage equipment is manufactured by its half affiliate company, Silos Metalicos Zaragoza (SIMEZA), in Spain;
  • Key procurement decisions and mechanical components are made in Italy;
  • Siemens PLC components used in equipment control are assembled and the software is programmed in its affiliate company PPC in Serbia; and
  • MMW Milling equipment is assembled in a partner company in Hungary



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