Residents clean mud from homes after flooding in Scott Depot

SCOTT DEPOT, W.Va. (WSAZ) – Sarah Malick watched as the water rose Tuesday night around her home on Bent Creek Estates in Putnam County.

“Our neighbors across the street, it was completely flooding the backyard they had just redone … so going into their garage, their trash can floated down their driveway with a bunch of trash,” Malick said.

She said the rushing water comes up fast from the nearby creek. In 30 minutes, it had covered the road.

“It was rushing water. We saw our neighbor trying to drive, and he got stuck. We told him he could park in our driveway,” Malick said.

She has lived in her home for two years. She watched her neighbor John Hammond move his car when water got inside.

“Yeah, the car was parked here and he wasn’t here and the keys weren’t here, so the water got up and ran into the door,” Hammond said.

The water reached up to 5 feet in spots, hitting more than halfway up a mailbox along the road.

After the flooding, Hammond washed the think layer of mud that covered the street. He said such flooding happens a few times every year.

“I get the power washer out and just start spraying it, because if you leave it in the street it gets tracked into your home,” Hammond said.

The neighborhood Hammond and Malick live in is a special flood hazard area, according to the federal government.

Hammond worries the creek behind his property will erode his gate. He said he used to be able to mow behind it, but swift water has eroded the land. He said the issue affects the people who live inside homes that flood the most.

“There’s been two couples that lived here moved. The creek just runs right through their garage … ran about that deep last night. Just looked like it was part of the creek,” Hammond said.

Both Hammond and Malick hope something can be done about the creek behind their homes that they say affects their entire community.

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