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RHINELANDER, Wis. (WJFW) – There are many places around the world that might need extra support when it comes to fresh water. However, local schools are doing their part to help supply fresh water to places in need. Instructional coach of the Rhinelander School District, Jenny Prom, said the inspiration started back in 2018 when she was a second-grade teacher. She read the book “The Water Princess” about the struggles of not having easy access to water.


“They felt a lot of empathy and compassion for the young girl in the story that had to walk for miles to get water, and didn’t get the chance to go to school,” said Prom. Because the students wanted to help, they put together a lemonade and cookie stand to raise money. Later, in 2020, when the students were learning about the importance of water, Prom had an idea to make the curriculum come to life.

“So, we decided to work with W.I.L.D, Wise Intentional Leadership Development, to connect and make sure we could help supply Africa with fresh water,” said Prom. The original goal was to supply water filters to help clean their water, but with the success of the fundraisers over the years totaling over $15,000, they were able to supply fresh water wells.

“We have been able to earn enough money for three wells. We have put a well in Zimbabwe, Togo, and Zambia at this time,” said Prom. Central third-grade teacher Amy Squires said this year there will be more schools involved such as Central, Crescent, and Pelican Elementary Schools, all doing their own fundraisers such as penny wars and selling kindness grams to build more wells.

“We are hoping to raise enough this year to put in another well and maybe enough to put towards next year and just keep moving this forward,” said Squires. While the kids are learning about the importance of water, they are able to make a real difference.

“So far, this has been really successful and the students said the other day not only is this fun, but they actually get to help people,” said Squires.


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