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River flood warnings continue after the storms as Ironbridge evacuations begin - Energy And Water Development Corp

River flood warnings continue after the storms as Ironbridge evacuations begin

After the recent three named storms, parts of the UK were left with bulging rivers, flooded roads and tired emergency response teams. The wild gales and high gusts of Dudley, Eunice and Franklin did cause disruption and damage, but it was the recent rainfall that is still causing widespread flooding issues. Particularly for northern England, the Midlands and Wales. The River Severn is a slow responding waterway and Ironbridge has just seen a severe flood warning issued (Mon 3pm) with evacuations starting.

“Residents in flood-risk areas urged to evacuate with support from police and council… a peak river level Tuesday evening which could be higher than the flood barriers. “ Env. Agency

The rainfall wasn’t exceptional on Sunday but the catchment areas are now saturated. Some of the official river gauges have recorded their highest ever river levels. So, record heights from data stretching over 30 to 50 years. The Environment Agency with council teams have been tending to flood defenses. South Manchester saw two severe flood warnings at the weekend with numerous other alerts and warnings. There have been many videos of those who decided to chance it, driving through floodwaters, yet ran the risk of wrecking their engines or having to be rescued, inconveniencing or even endangering others.

Storm Franklin flooding

Types of flooding

This succession of storms has brought all types of flooding. Coastal flooding as large waves from Storm Eunice battered western shores and a tidal surge moved up the Bristol Channel and into the Severn Estuary. Sunday’s torrential rain from a squall line on Franklin’s cold front brought sudden heavy rain with violent gusts, even lightning as it passed by. This meant poor visibility and surface water flooding as the roads and pavements struggled to drain away.

On Monday, the Thames Barrier had to close due to a tidal surge as the low centre of Franklin moved southwards over the southern North Sea. This extra push adds to the water levels in the Thames estuary as the sea basin gets shallower.

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