Severe water crisis in Shantinagar, Bastarwari

Nagpur, Aug 8

Citizens of Shantinagar, Bastarwari, Lakadganj water tank areas are facing severe water crisis for the past several days. Local citizens complained to councilor Abha Pandey regarding the water crisis. He met the people of the areas facing drinking water crisis in Ward 21. He immediately discussed the matter with the top officials and instructed them to remove the water crisis. Despite this the officials are not paying attention.

Pandey instructed to solve the problem by holding a meeting with the officials of OCW, Water Supply Department regarding the related matter. Still the problem remains as it is. On this, Pandey said that if the crisis is not resolved then agitation will be launched against OCW and water supply department. The agitation will continue till the problem is not resolved.

Citizens of Shantinagar, Bangde Plot, Telipura, Sweeper Colony, Bastarwari, Gondpura, Shriramwadi, Khairipura, Gujari, Lalganj, Sudarshan Colony etc. are facing problems.

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