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Somalia: Drought Response Dashboard - January 2022 (As of 24 February 2022) - Somalia - Energy And Water Development Corp

Somalia: Drought Response Dashboard – January 2022 (As of 24 February 2022) – Somalia




The drought emergency in Somalia has escalated. An estimated 4.3 million people are currently affected compared to 3.2 million in December 2021. The number of people displaced by the drought has more than doubled from 245,000 people in January to more than 554,000 people this month. An estimated 3.6 million people lack sufficient access to water. Prices of basic commodities have increased sharply. More children are dropping out of school as communities migrate in search of food, water and pasture.

Severe water shortages and inadequate access to sanitation and hygiene facilities have raised the risk of diseases. Cases of Acute Watery Diarrhoea/Cholera, as well as measles outbreaks are spiking in multiple drought-affected locations. Without a scale up of humanitarian assistance, some 4.1 million people or 25 per cent of the country’s population, are estimated to face acute food insecurity at Crisis (IPC Phase 3) levels or worse outcomes through mid-2022. Over 1.4 million children, nearly half of the under-5 population, are likely to suffer from acute malnutrition. Admissions of children with severe acute malnutrition have gone up from 19,000 in December 2021 to 26,000 in January 2022.

Government authorities, local communities and humanitarian partners are ramping up assistance and reprogramming activities to meet critical needs of the affected people. In January, partners have reached an estimated 1.4 million people with different forms of assistance. For example, 577,000 people have been reached with unconditional cash transfers to improve access to food, 300,000 people with emergency water assistance, 400,800 people with hygiene services and 851,400 people through protection and return monitoring services. Priority responses include the provision of urgent life-saving water, distribution of food aid, cash and voucher assistance, nutrition and health services.

Next month, the dashboard will report the number of people reached against drought response targets.

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