Southern Water has partnered with Save Water Save Money to offer the people of the Isle of Wight GetWaterFit, a free online water-saving tool.

The interactive software is designed to help households save water, in turn helping them save energy and money on their bills. Savings are linked to charitable donations, allowing customers to give as they save.

Customers can get started by entering their postcode and answering simple questions about their household water use. GetWaterFit then creates a personalised water action plan via a customer dashboard, which includes tailored challenges to help them save. Customers can use the dashboard to track their progress and are awarded ‘coins’ for completing water-saving challenges, which they can donate to local charities and WaterAid.

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 If customers want to make even bigger savings, GetWaterFit provides the opportunity to book a free 15-minute video consultation, then order water-saving devices. During the consultation, the customer will receive a live demonstration on how to fit the devices, along with more water-saving suggestions.

Tim Robertson, CEO of Save Water Save Money, commented:

“We’re excited to partner with Southern Water to promote efficient water use. GetWaterFit helps customers understand how and where they use water in the home and empowers them to take simple steps to reduce their use. Together with enhanced insights into customer behaviour and in-home leakage, we can play our part in addressing environmental concerns surrounding water and water scarcity.”

Brenda Edwards, Water Efficiency Contract Manager, adds:

“The South East is a water-stressed region. The population is growing and climate change means there’s less water to go round, especially during hot weather. So we all need to do our bit to make sure there’s enough for everyone. This free tool is the best way for people who wish to make water savings, both for the benefit of the environment as well as their finances, to get started and find out how.”

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