SSJID ponders ending irrigation runs Sept. 30 due in part to drought

South San Joaquin Irrigation District may end the fall irrigation season Sept. 30 due to the drought.

The SSJID board will discuss setting the end date for irrigation deliveries when they meet Tuesday, Aug, 10, at 9 a.m., at the district office, 11011 East Highway 120.

Each year as the irrigation season wanes and harvest is nearing completion the board considers setting the date for the end of the irrigation season. Directors take into account a number of factors such as:

*crop water requirements approaching end of the year

*current and projected weather conditions

*the status of the harvest

*the time growers may need to irrigate one last time with surface water before the end of the season

*the available water supply.

 During drier years with limited allocations, the irrigation season end date could depend on the amount of remaining water supply and allocations available to deliver to growers.

Dry hydrology, state imposed curtailment, and the potential for continuing drought next year are weighing on the District’s consideration for the end of this year’s irrigation season. Staff will provide an updated report Tuesday to help guide the board’s discussion.


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