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St. Clairsville Water Connection Complete | News, Sports, Jobs - Energy And Water Development Corp

St. Clairsville Water Connection Complete | News, Sports, Jobs

Photo by Robert A. DeFrank – Workers install a water connection pipe on the east side of St. Clairsville along U.S. 40 so the city can begin purchasing water from Belmont County in the coming months.

The east-end water connection between Belmont County and the city of St. Clairsville is complete, but there will be an additional delay before the city can begin purchasing water from the county.

Workers were on site Wednesday along U.S. 40 at the east end of the city installing the connector pipe. This is part of the ongoing plan to purchase water from Belmont County to replace the aging water treatment plant to comply with mandates from the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency. The city’s plan coincides with an ongoing project to upgrade water and wastewater service throughout Belmont County.

On Tuesday, St. Clairsville Safety and Service Director Jeremy Greenwood informed City Council that the connection would be completed Wednesday.

“The county water, will that actually take place this year, the switch-over?” Councilman Donald Vincenzo asked.

Greenwood said that is the intent.

“The problem is going to be the county being able to supply us with the amount of water that we need at our existing connection, because their pump station on Ohio 9 has not been completed yet,” Greenwood said. “They have the capacity to feed us, they just don’t have the means to get the water to us yet, and that was one of the things they were hoping to have done by now, but just like us with our east end connection project, they’re having material shortages and delays.”

Greenwood said he was in the process of asking the OEPA for an extension of one month to 90 days to complete the connection.

“I’m going to have to coordinate with the county and see,” he said. “The problem is, their existing lift station they were supposed to have renovated by now or replaced by now hasn’t been finished yet. They were hoping to be pumping water. They’re going through the same things that we are with the east end connection. Materials. Supplies aren’t there. It’s nobody’s fault, it’s just happening. The EPA’s well aware of it.”

On Wednesday, Belmont County Commissioner J.P. Dutton said the county expects to begin providing water to St. Clairsville in late spring or early summer.

“There’s a lot of work that’s going to be completed over the next couple months into late spring,” he said. “We’re looking forward to a good partnership between Belmont County and the city of St. Clairsville.”

St. Clairsville uses about 600,000 gallons of water daily.

The county upgrades include a $27 million water treatment plant that will produce 6 million gallons of water daily, which could eventually grow to 9 million gallons a day if growth makes this necessary. Other additions include the Little McMahon Creek Road pump station, which will replace the current pump station near the Richland Township garage.

The first phase of new waterlines will include 3 miles of 16- and 24-inch lines along Ohio 9. This allows the county to provide water to St. Clairsville.

The Phase II project includes replacing 4.4 miles of 24-inch line in the Neffs area.

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