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The Tama City Council on Monday approved an agreement with engineering firm Snyder & Associates on a contract to renovate the city’s water plant.

Concerns at the water plant have been percolating in recent years as corrosion is slowly deteriorating the metal filter tank inside the plant.

As the corrosion worsens, the potential for water quality violations by the Iowa Department of Natural Resources are becoming greater.

Kelly Scott with Snyder & Associates was present to discuss the contract that would essentially begin the process of the remodel project.

Scott said their plan is to use the footprint of the existing Tama water plant for the new project and that no additions would be required to be built.

The new tank would be placed in the location where an old tank previously sat two generations ago in order to complete the project in an efficient manner.

A benefit to the new filter and tank being proposed is the ability to remove and maintenance the filter through its lifespan. Should corrosion still be factor, removing the filter would be a preventative measure that would prolong the life of the new tank.

Engineering costs with Snyder & Associates will ultimately be determined on the amount of hours worked on the project, though it is expected to be above $100,000.

Supplemental funding sources like a Community Development Block Grant or a zero percent interest state revolving loan can now be applied for now that the project is officially underway.

No budget has been set for the project as of yet and cost saving options are still being investigated by the city and the engineering firm.

Scott said she anticipates construction bid letting to occur in the spring and for construction of the water plant remodel to take one year, possibly more.

Shared water resource

As the City of Tama works toward improvements on its water plant, a sharing agreement was finalized with sister city Toledo to supply water to each other in case of emergency or a prolonged outage.

The agreement will base the usage fee charged to the city receiving the water on whichever water rate is highest between the two municipalities. The agreement will go before the two councils once a year for review.

Tama and Toledo will share maintenance cost and responsibility on the connection point, which runs down Highway 63 near South Tama schools.

The City of Tama will need to utilize the shared water resource at some point in the upcoming water plant project when it comes time to disconnect the old filter and hook up the new one.

In other business…

The council approved a sewer cleaning contract with CIT Sewer Solutions. The contract provides Tama with sewer line televising and cleaning services at a minimum cost of $10,000. Wastewater Superintendent Nick Peshel said although the city has not had a sewer cleaning contract in place since he’s been working at the department, the city also routinely spends more than $10,000 in a year for sewer line cleaning and televising. The televising process will help the city determine where in the sewer system the worst damage or deterioration has occurred so targeted repairs can be made.

The council approved an addition to a renovation project already in process at the city lift station. The additional work, in the amount of $7,513.89, will improve the electrical wiring and panels at the station.

The council approved the purchase of a pickup truck for the street department. The truck bid was for $28,186 from Jensen Ford.

The council signed on to a joint letter being sent to Gov. Kim Reynolds imploring the state government to split the Iowa Juvenile Home property in Toledo into sections that could be developed in phases. To this point, the communication from the state department in charge of facilities like IJH has been against efforts to section off the property in favor of one transaction for the entire 27-acre campus. Tama County Economic Development Director Katherine Ollendieck drafted the letter and is seeking signatures from city, county and local school leaders before sending it to the governor.

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