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The Best Way To Wash Your Dishes When You Don't Have Running Water - Energy And Water Development Corp

The Best Way To Wash Your Dishes When You Don’t Have Running Water

According to Apartment Therapy, to successfully wash dishes without running water you’ll need three large tubs, dish soap, and rags. You’ll use one tub to wash your dishes in and the other two tubs to remove the soap from your pots and pans.

To start, Apartment Therapy explains that you will need to thoroughly soak your plates in the first tub before washing them with dish soap and a rag. After you’re sure you’ve scrubbed your dishes properly, you’ll need to move them to the next tub to get the soap off. And then you will place them in the last tub to make certain the dishes are completely soap-free. After that, you can dry your now-clean cutlery and plates and put them away for future use.

To make sure you don’t harm the environment while trying to wash your dishes, Fresh Off the Grid suggests bringing along a mesh strainer and using biodegradable soap. The outlet states you need to run your dirty water through the mesh strainer before dumping it to get rid of any excess food leftover from your dishes. Then, because biodegradable soap only breaks down in dirt, toss your dishwater at least 200 feet away from any local rivers or lakes. That way, you’ll be able to eat tasty camping meals off of clean plates without polluting any water sources.

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