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The social tariff consumer will pay the green flag - Energy And Water Development Corp

The social tariff consumer will pay the green flag

ENEL (National Electric Power Agency) reported today that low-income households registered in the Social Tariff Program will not pay additional fees on their electricity bills in March. Currently, about 12.6 million consumer units receive billing discounts for the program.

In a note, the regulator stated that maintaining the green flag for the fourth consecutive month indicates “favorable conditions for power generation.” The agency also reported that these consumers continue to discount the tariff provided by the program, which ranges from 10% to 65% depending on the consumption range.

For other consumers, the flag of water scarcity remains in effect, which represents an additional cost of R$ 14.20 per 100 kWh consumed. The level, the highest ever applied, was established in August 2021 by the government, due to a serious shortage of reservoirs and should be in effect until April.

In an interview with Broacasdt Energia, the Minister of Electricity at the Ministry of Mines and Energy, Cristiano Vieira, said that the improvement in reservoirs in some areas and the forecast of rain ruled out the possibility of maintaining an unusual flag after April.

The flag system was created in 2015 by Aneel. In addition to letting the consumer know the true cost of generating and adjusting consumption, the system mitigates impacts on distributors’ budget. Practically speaking, green, yellow or red colors indicate whether or not there will be additional charges for electricity bills.

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