These five cities could be one natural disaster away from a catastrophic water crisis | News

It was the final stroke in what experts described as a yearslong issue in the making, which eventually left tens of thousands of residents in the city without clean drinking water for weeks.

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kAmuFCE96C:?8 E96 AC@3=6>[ 4=:>2E6 492?86 92D =65 E@ >@C6 :?E6?D6 7=@@5:?8 2?5 DE@C>D[ 2?5 E92E 92D E96 A@E6?E:2= E@ 52>286 @=56C[ H62<6C H2E6C DJDE6>D =:<6 πŸ˜• $E] {@F:D[ D2:5 y2D@? z?@F7E[ 2 3:@=@8J AC@76DD@C 2E $2:?E {@F:D &?:G6CD:EJ DEF5J:?8 E96 :>A24E @7 4=:>2E6 492?86]k^Am

kAmβ€œ%96D6 E9:?8D H6C6 4@?DECF4E65 32D65 @? 2 D>2==6C A@AF=2E:@? 2?5 =6DD :?E6?D6 DE@C> 6G6?ED[ 2?5 D@ 2D H6 >@G6 7@CH2C5 … :E’D 2 3C@256C AC@3=6> H:E9 @FC H2E6C :?7C2DECF4EFC6[” 96 D2:5]k^Am

kAm%96 :DDF6 92D ?@E 8@?6 F?966565] %96 >2DD:G6 a_a` :?7C2DECF4EFC6 =2H :?4=F56D S`d 3:==:@? 7@C =625 D6CG:46 =:?6 C6A=246>6?E[ k2 9C67lQ9EEADi^^HHH]6A2]8@G^DJDE6>^7:=6D^5@4F>6?ED^a_a`\“^6\@H\3:5\724E\D966E\7:?2=]d_g]A57Q E2C86ElQ03=2?<Qm244@C5:?8 E@ E96 t!pk^2m]k^Am

k9amr6?EC2= r@2DE[ r2=:7@C?:2k^9am

kAm#@F89=J 2? 9@FC 7C@> r2=:7@C?:2’D q2J pC62 2?5 =6DD E92? 2 >:=6 7C@> E96 !24:7:4 ~462?[ z6==: 2?5 %:> wFEE@? AFC492D65 2 92=7 2? 24C6 AC@A6CEJ πŸ˜• E96 r6?EC2= r@2DE E@H? @7 |@DD {2?5:?8 =2DE DF>>6C]k^Am

kAmpD H:E9 >2?J @E96CD =:G:?8 πŸ˜• E96 2C62[ E96J 962G:=J C6=J @? E96:C AC:G2E6 H6== 7@C H2E6C]k^Am

kAmp7E6C >@G:?8 :?E@ E96 ?6H 9@>6 H:E9 E96:C ?6H3@C? 323J[ E96 wFEE@?D 962C5 @E96C C6D:56?ED H6C6 4@?46C?65 23@FE 9:89 =6G6=D @7 D2=EH2E6C :?ECFD:@?[ 36:?8 D@ ?62C E96 @462?] #:D:?8 D62 =6G6= 2?5 k2 9C67lQ9EEADi^^HHH]4??]4@>^a_a`^`_^ab^H62E96C^4=:>2E6\492?86\2E>@DA96C:4\C:G6C\42=:7@C?:2\5C@F89E^:?56I]9E>=Q E2C86ElQ03=2?<Qmr2=:7@C?:2’D H9:A=2D9 H62E96Ck^2m 92G6 366? :>A24E:?8 E96:C H2E6C E23=6[ H:E9 D62H2E6C D66A:?8 πŸ˜• 2?5 42FD:?8 A:A6D E@ 4@CC@56[ >2<:?8 H2E6C F?5C:?<23=6]k^Am

kAm%96 E9C62E @7 D2=EH2E6C :?ECFD:@? :?4C62D6D 5FC:?8 2 5C@F89E[ H9:49 r2=:7@C?:2 πŸ˜€ 724:?8 >@C6 @7 F?56C 2 H@CD6?:?8 4=:>2E6 4C:D:D] (96? H2E6C DFAA=J πŸ˜€ =@H[ 8C@F?5H2E6C πŸ˜€ @G6C\AF>A65 7C@> 4@2DE2= 2BF:76CD[ 5:DCFAE:?8 E96 32=2?46 36EH66? :?=2?5 7C6D9H2E6C 2?5 @462? H2E6C] pD 8C@F?5H2E6C =6G6=D 5C@A[ D2=EH2E6C D66AD πŸ˜• 2?5 7:==D πŸ˜• E96 82AD πŸ˜• E96 D@:= H96C6 7C6D9H2E6C FD65 E@ 36]k^Am

kAmxE’D ?@E ;FDE 5C@F89E] $E@C> DFC86 2?5 7=@@5D 42? 2=D@ AFD9 D2=EH2E6C 72C :?=2?5[ 244@C5:?8 E@ E96 k2 9C67lQ9EEADi^^HHH]4=:>2E69F3D]FD52]8@G^9F3D^D@FE962DE^E@A:4^D2=EH2E6C\:?ECFD:@?\2?5\D2=:?:K2E:@?\4@2DE2=\7@C6DED\2?5\72C>DQ E2C86ElQ03=2?<Qm&$ s6A2CE>6?E @7 p8C:4F=EFC6k^2m] p?5 H:E9 4=:>2E6 492?86 :?4C62D:?8 E96 A@E6?E:2= 7@C k2 9C67lQ9EEADi^^HHH]4??]4@>^a_a`^`_^ab^H62E96C^4=:>2E6\492?86\2E>@DA96C:4\C:G6C\42=:7@C?:2\5C@F89E^:?56I]9E>=Q E2C86ElQ03=2?<QmH62E96C H9:A=2D9k^2m[ 5C2>2E:4 D9:7ED πŸ˜• A6C:@5D @7 5C@F89E 2?5 9:89 AC64:A:E2E:@?[ πŸ˜• r2=:7@C?:2[ D2=EH2E6C :?ECFD:@? πŸ˜€ 364@>:?8 2? :?4C62D:?8 E9C62E 7@C A6@A=6 =:G:?8 2=@?8 E96 4@2DE =:<6 E96 wFEE@?D]k^Am

kAmβ€œ(6 C62==J ?665 E@ 36 AC@24E:G6 23@FE 7:?5:?8 H2JD E@ 4@?D6CG6 @FC H2E6C 2D 72C 2D H6’C6 FD:?8 :E[ H96E96C E92E’D C64J4=65 H2E6C AFCA@D6D @C 5C:A :CC:82E:@?[” %:> D2:5] β€œx7 H6 5@?’E E2<6 42C6 @7 :E ?@H[ :E’D @?=J 2 C6D@FC46 E92E’D 8@:?8 E@ 36 H:E9 FD 7@C D@ =@?8] x7 @FC E23=6 DE2CED 5CJ:?8 FA[ E96? H6’C6 8@:?8 E@ 36 @FE @7 =F4<]”k^Am

kAm%9:D A2CE @7 E96 r6?EC2= r@2DE πŸ˜€ 2=D@ DFCC@F?565 3J 72C>D E92E 92G6 366? FD:?8 564256D’ H@CE9 @7 76CE:=:K6CD H9:49 EFC? :?E@ E@I:4 496>:42=D] u@C E96 wFEE@?D[ H2E6C BF2=:EJ E6DED D9@H E96:C AC:G2E6 H6== 24EF2==J 4@?E2:?65 ?:EC2E6 =6G6=D 7:G6 E:>6D E96 8@G6C?>6?E’D D276 =6G6= 7@C 5C:?<:?8]k^Am

kAmβ€œxE’D 366? AC6EEJ F?4@>7@CE23=6 2?5 <:?5 @7 ?6CG6\HC24<:?8[ 6DA64:2==J H96? :E’D =:<6 32E9 E:>6 2?5 323:6D @A6? E96:C >@FE9D H96? E96J’C6 πŸ˜• E96 H2E6C[” z6==: E@=5 r}}]k^Am

k9am$2? yF2?[ !F6CE@ #:4@k^9am

kAmwFCC:42?6 |2C:2 HC62<65 92G@4 @? !F6CE@ #:4@ πŸ˜• a_`f[ =62G:?8 >F49 @7 E96 :D=2?5 E6CC:E@CJ H:E9@FE A@H6C 7@C >@?E9] p?5 3642FD6 !F6CE@ #:4@’D H2E6C :?7C2DECF4EFC6 C6=:6D 962G:=J @? E96 6=64EC:4 8C:5 E@ @A6C2E6[ >2?J C6D:56?ED H6C6 =67E H:E9@FE CF??:?8 H2E6C πŸ˜• E96:C 9@>6D 7@C ;FDE 2D =@?8]k^Am

kAmxE 82G6 2 8=:>AD6 @7 9@H 7C2:= !F6CE@ #:4@’D H2E6C DJDE6> 42? 36 5FC:?8 2? 6IEC6>6 H62E96C 5:D2DE6C] qFE H92E >2<6D E96 :?7C2DECF4EFC6 6G6? >@C6 GF=?6C23=6 πŸ˜€ :ED =:76DA2? 2?5 5:DC6A2:C[ D2:5 uΓ©=:I x] pA@?E6\~CE:K[ 2? FC32? 6?G:C@?>6?E2= A=2??6C 2?5 C6E:C65 AC@76DD@C 2E E96 &?:G6CD:EJ @7 !F6CE@ #:4@]k^Am

kAmβ€œ%96 EC2?D>:DD:@? πŸ˜€ 7C28:=6[ 2?5 :E’D G6CJ DF3;64E E@ 9FCC:42?6 2?5 9F86 AC64:A:E2E:@?[” pA@?E6\~CE:K E@=5 r}}] β€œtG6CJ E:>6 H6 92G6 2 9FCC:42?6 @C 2 EC@A:42= DE@C>[ H6 92G6 2 AC@3=6> H:E9 E96 6=64EC:4 DJDE6>] %96 A@E23=6 H2E6C DJDE6> πŸ˜€ E96 D2>6j E96J’C6 G6CJ @=5]”k^Am

kAmtDE:>2E6D D9@H E92E e_T @7 E96 4:EJ’D H2E6C >2:?D πŸ˜• $2? yF2? – H9:49 D@FC46D :ED H2E6C 7C@> 3@E9 C6D6CG@:CD 2?5 8C@F?5H2E6C 2BF:76CD – 2C6 @G6C d_ J62CD @=5[ 244@C5:?8 E@ 2 k2 9C67lQ9EEADi^^5@4D]AC]8@G^7:=6D^ppp^}F6DEC2Ta_ppp^s@4F>6?E@D^u*a_`hTa_rt#0u:?2=]A57Q E2C86ElQ03=2?<Qma_`h C6A@CEk^2m 3J E96 !F6CE@ #:4@ pBF65F4E 2?5 $6H6C pFE9@C:EJ] %96D6 @=56C A:A6D 2C6 >@C6 =:<6=J E@ =62< 2?5 3C62<[ H9:49 4@F=5 EC:886C H2E6C D9@CE286D 2D H6== 2D H2E6C BF2=:EJ AC@3=6>D]k^Am

kAm%96 }2EFC2= #6D@FC46D s676?D6 r@F?4:= 2=@?8 H:E9 =@42= 8C@FAD k2 9C67lQ9EEADi^^HHH]?C54]@C8^D:E6D^5672F=E^7:=6D^E9C62ED\@?\E2A\5C:?<:?8\H2E6C\AF6CE@\C:4@\:A]A57Q E2C86ElQ03=2?<QmC6=62D65 2 C6A@CEk^2m πŸ˜• a_`f E92E 7@F?5 ?62C=J 2== @7 !F6CE@ #:4@’D C6D:56?ED H6C6 5C:?<:?8 H2E6C 7C@> DJDE6>D E92E G:@=2E65 E96 $276 sC:?<:?8 (2E6C p4E[ 2?5 E92E 2=>@DE f_T @7 A6@A=6 @? E96 :D=2?5 H6C6 D6CG65 3J H2E6C D@FC46D E92E G:@=2E65 E96 A@=:4J’D 962=E9 DE2?52C5D – E96 9:896DE @7 2?J DE2E6 @C E6CC:E@CJ[ }#sr’D ~=D@? D2:5]k^Am

kAm(2E6C C6A2:CD 2?5 FA8C256D 92G6 2=H2JD 366? 4@DE=J 24C@DD E96 4@F?ECJ] qFE πŸ˜• !F6CE@ #:4@[ 6G6CJ 6IEC6>6 H62E96C 6G6?E 4@>A@F?5D E96 3FC56? @7 E96 9:DE@C:42= =6824J @7 7656C2= 5:D:?G6DE>6?E πŸ˜• &$ E6CC:E@C:6D[ >2<:?8 C6A2:CD 2? 6G6? 8C62E6C DECF88=6]k^Am


kAmβ„’ U2>Aj Β© a_ab r23=6 }6HD }6EH@C<[ x?4][ 2 (2C?6C qC@D] s:D4@G6CJ r@>A2?J] p== C:89ED C6D6CG65]k^Am

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